Tuesday, August 13, 2019

It Needs A New Name

Hi everyone!  After all the work on the Hunter's Star Quilt, I felt I needed to work with more modern, fun fabrics.  Something lighter, brighter, more contemporary.  Nothing against the Civil War reproduction fabs, but they can get a bit heavy sometimes.  To me, anyway.  So ... I turned to some of the fabrics left over from my X Plus quilt and grabbed an assortment of greys and blacks.  I wanted more contrast than I got with the X Plus.

OK!  So now ... what to make?!?  My friend Donna and I started talking about something, and she showed me a pattern she was thinking about doing.  It's called "Kira" and looked very interesting and fun.  I needed "fun" after the challenge of the Hunter's Star.  We decided to go for it!  (Ahem, Donna! You're letting work get in the way of quilting ...).

The pattern looks complicated, but is very easy to construct.  I can't give precise measurements, since it's not my pattern or one in the public domain, but I can show you the process.

You start with blocks like this:


Then you stack them on top of each other, turn them on the diagonal, and ...


... slice. That's the scary part! You swap parts around and get this:


Sewing those together can get a bit tricky, just because of the bias. I found starching my blocks prior to slicing them apart helps.


So do pins. I love pins.

Moving right along ... I did as many blocks as I wanted to (I didn't want something huge this time!) and fiddled around with the layout:


I love all of the Amy Butler prints, the colorful ones, but really found myself wishing I had more of some of the blacks and greys! I especially liked this one:


How cute is that little birdie??!!??

Here's the finished top:


Tell me that's not fun! But seriously - the name? No. It's got to go. When I look at it, I see pennants or banners. Streamers, maybe. But not Kira.

It's in my stack to be quilted - and I will tackle this one myself. I'll post photos after the quilting and after I've sewn the binding on!

Thank you for reading!


  1. I love this new quilt, but I loved the last one, too!!! I guess I just love all of the quilts you have shown us. I so enjoy sort of watching it go together in your posts! Thank you for sharing your artistry!
    I also so enjoy all the photos and stories with Cam & Mags, the birds, your immaculate gardens, & house, thank you for sharing.

    Take care,
    Lucy (Troy, Ohio)

  2. Definitely banners or flags. Hmmm..."Banner Day"?

  3. What an interesting pattern. It can be scary when you have to cut something you just put together but is makes for a very interesting block. I love how they came together too.


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