Thursday, August 15, 2019

More Updating!

Hi everyone!  Another "finish" to show you today, and a quick project I did a couple weeks ago!

Do you remember the Christmas string quilt I pieced and quilted in April?  I finished putting the binding on that and thought I'd show you how it came out!

Christmas String Quilt 2

I'm really pretty pleased with how it came out! I think it makes a darling table runner!

Here's a look at the back:


It feels good to FINISH things! đŸ˜€

We bought a new vacuum (yay!) and it came with tons of plastic bags to hold all the various parts - you know the ones with all the recycling codes, warning labels in more languages than you can count, etc? I love the writing all over those bags!  I cut them apart, did some fusing, and decided to make a little basket for our chargers.


Maggie helped, as you can see!

Since any pins will leave a permanent hole in the plastic, those little Wonder Clips really come in handy!

It came together in no time:


I used my wooden press to flatten the seams - obviously, hitting it with a hot iron wouldn't be a good idea.  The press does a good job on this kind of "fabric".

Never let it be said that quilters don't recycle!

Thanks for reading!

Late note:  I sent the Christmas String Quilt 2 to my sister-in-law and her husband.  

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