Thursday, January 31, 2019

Winter Camo

Hi everyone!  As I mentioned yesterday, in addition to the quilting I've been doing, I also changed gears and made new collars and leashes for the girls!  We decided to go for matching collars & leashes this time - something I haven't done before.  Let's hope it doesn't get too confusing.

The webbing I chose is "Winter Camouflage" - white, grey, and black, with a bit of a sheen to it. Here it is, waiting for me to dig in:


Oh. And Maggie in the background. There's a good chance she was playing "Let's Not Let Cammie Get Down The Stairs". What can I say? Sometimes she wins, sometimes Cammie wins.

I forgot to order the double slides when I ordered the webbing and other hardware, but just happened to have a couple spares. Whew. I started with the collars:


For something this heavy, I use a combination of clothespins ...


... and masking tape to hold everything in place.  Also a #90 needle, my #8 Denim Foot, and my leveling bars.  I love that my Bernina can handle things like this!

I got the collars done pretty quickly and moved on to the leashes:


I just really love this pattern and color on the girls!

Maggie and Cam, looking VERY cool!

Thanks so much for reading!  More to come again soon!


  1. Love this camo fabric and they look beautiful on Cammie and Maggie. They are so lucky to have a mom that can make collars and leashes for them!

  2. Those are totally pawesome! I'm jealous that they have you to make collars for them!


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