Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Last Two!

Hi everyone!  Still marching along with my Kansas Dugout "throw".  Yes, I've decided it will be a "throw".  Is that non-committal enough?  Could be anything.  Except larger.

As of my last post, I needed two more (or 8 more, how ever you want to count it) blocks to finish.

I got busy and did the "sewing to the phone book" part. I've found it much easier to remove the paper, then sew the "flippy squares" to the blocks. I chain pieced those:


And before I knew it ...


The last two blocks! Or the last eight. Whatever. Eight sounds like more work.

Here is the current state of the blocks:

I really need a design wall

I've got about 3/4 of them sewn together, then I'll sew columns together. The little half-sized ones make things a little trickier, but I really like them in there. Even the one I messed up. (I cut the flippy squares too large.)

I hope to get back to it this afternoon. I'd love to finish piecing it so I can start quilting my X&+ runner. I think I've changed my quilting plan for that 5 times now. I need to just DO IT!!!!

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