Friday, January 4, 2019

Rolling Along

I'm not sure why I took so many shots of the binding for the Frenzy Quilt, but let's have a go at them!

First, because this quilt is HUGE (have I mentioned that?), I made a lot of binding.  I had leftover fabs from the backing, so I cut 2.5 inch strips from them and sewed them together.  To prevent tangles and the binding from being all over the place, I wound it around an antique spool:


I like to do that for larger things; it keeps things a bit tidier. I set it in a magnetic bowl; the spool has just enough nails to keep it in the bowl, but it's "spinnable". That's not a word. You all know what I mean, though.


It's a good system!

I love looking at all the fabs in the top!


Again, each block has BDU fabric from my husband's old uniforms in the center, then all patriotic-themed fabrics.


I love looking back on all the "old" fabrics!  I also love my walking foot.  I just thought I'd throw that in there.


Rounding the last corner and heading for home!

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. The antique spool is a brilliant idea! Love this quilt♥

  2. What a clever idea for the binding. The quilt is looking great.


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