Thursday, January 17, 2019

I Can Dig It!

Hi everyone!  As I mentioned in my last post, I'm still working on my Kansas Dugout phone book quilt.  I got to about here ...


... then asked my friends if I should keep going or call it done. It was a close vote, but I decided to keep going. Mostly because I still am swimming in scraps.

As I mentioned, I "double marked" my flippy squares, so I automatically have another half square triangle (HST) ready to go:


I am up to my ears in these things for this project!  I've been cutting between my two lines ...


... then need to square up my "leftover" HSTs.  Fortunately for me, my friend Pam shared an awesome link (found here) that shows a quicker way to square them up.  Half the cutting.  It's awesome!  I do have a tiny 2.5" ruler that is perfect for these:


I've found it's a bit hard to hold that ruler still.  For me.  At this point.  I have no idea.  Anyway, if I use another, larger ruler, it's easier.  I can use my 8.5" square ruler and just line up the 2.5" mark on both sides of the stitched line, then slice away.  OR rather than using a dry erase marker like in the link from Pam (since I'd have to go buy one), I can use masking tape.  Easy as pie.

Mmm.  Pie.  Make mine Lemon Meringue, please.


I played around with my HSTs in the same layout I showed you yesterday:


What would you call that?  A twist?  Double Helix?  DNA?  Something.  Anyway, I think it's very cool.

Here's where I'm currently sitting with my Kansas Dugout blocks:


It's shaping up nicely - AND I'm starting to see the light of day in some of my scrap/string baskets!!!  I'm totally digging this Kansas Dugout!

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