Friday, December 28, 2018

Next, Please!

Since I finished the newer String Quilt/Phone Book Quilt, I thought I'd best back up and actually quilt the first one I pieced.  You know.  Back in June of 2011.  Actually I started in February of '09. Whoops!  But hey, I'm going back to finish it, so that's what counts -- right?!?

This one is made a bit differently, but is still pieced on phone book pages, using nothing but scraps!  In about the center of each block, I put a small piece of BDU fabric (camouflage fabric from one of my husband's old uniforms), and went from there.  You can get a feel for my "pattern" at this link.  Maybe more "system" than "pattern".  ANYWAY ...

Let me just say that I'm really glad I'm finally quilting it ... and that it's huge. Here it is, as I was making sure I had pieced a large enough backing:


And then sandwiched with the backing and batting:


It's really a cool quilt. I put so many of these fabrics into projects for other people (and for us, too) - it's really fun to see them again.

Because it's so huge (why did I do this to myself?), I struggled with how to quilt. Again, making it easier on myself, I'm going with my favored wavy lines - only this time, I'll eventually have a grid: three waves one way, three the other. Here's the beginning:


The gloves are a pain to wear, but they really do help with gripping.

Here's a look at the back:


I started on the cross-grid yesterday afternoon, but didn't take any photos. I hope to get back to work on it today.

I'm quilting in King Tut 953 - Lobelia. It's LOVELY shades of blue:


And above is my tip of the day - to help keep bobbins with the right threads -- use a golf tee! Very handy.

The girls have been very helpful in the process. They keep me relaxed and laughing, and are great company!

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. The backing is just as beautiful as the front of the quilt is!

  2. Piecing is always much easier and more fun than quilting can be sometimes. I too have a project or two that I need to finish that was started long ago. The quilt is looking great.


  3. Well, once again, all I can say is Wow!!! I love this quilt and the bit of camo material from your husbands' uniform is just perfect. I'm impressed again and am beginning to think your two helpers add a lot to your projects!!! Thank you for sharing! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

    Take care,
    Lucy (Troy, Ohio)

  4. Wow, that's huge! We don't know how you do it!


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