Sunday, December 16, 2018

Stringing Me Along

... or something like that!

As promised, an update on the String Quilt.  Phone Book Quilt.  Whatever. Regardless of what you'd like to call it, I'm getting there.

After I removed all the paper (never again!  not for a while) I pieced together a backing, grabbed some batting, and sandwiched the thing together. And basted really well.

Not really.  I spray basted.  Don't judge.

For the quilting, I reached into my King Tut stash and chose this one:


It's "Sands of Time", in case anyone was wondering.  Shades of beiges.  Really rich.

This might be the largest thing I've quilted by machine. If not, it's certainly right up there. My Bernina did me proud! I went with sets of three wavy lines:


I do need to start practicing with my BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) again, but for now, I just really wanted to get on with things!

I decided to just add some 9-patches that were left over from something I was doing 10 years ago:


Just kidding. Sort of. As I was quilting, I noticed a "gap" between two fabric strings where either a slight seam let go somehow or they weren't lined up right or SOMETHING! But ... %$#@!!! HBO words uttered, then the fix with the 9-patches.

My FaceBook friends really liked the 9-patches on it and one friend suggested adding more. Sounded like a plan!

I added three here:


And one here:


I thought it was an exciting, creative solution! Other family members weren't quite as enthralled:


Sorry to bore you, Maggie!

Here it is, all set to trim up and sew the binding on:


Speaking of which ...


I must say, I love looking back at some of the fabrics! Most of them went into things I made for other people, so it's really fun to have bits and pieces sewn into something for us!

I'm still in the hand sewing phase of the binding:


It, too, is made strictly from scraps - just pulled from my 2.5" strips basket.  It's a slow process, especially since I should be writing Christmas cards and doing some baking for friends and neighbors, but I'll get there!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. There is no shame in spray basting a quilt. That is my go to way and there are lots of "professional" peeps that do the same. I love how your patches came out ;-)


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