Thursday, December 27, 2018

Check That One Off!

Hi everyone!  In my quest to reduce my stash and actually finish things, I've checked another project off the list -- the String Quilt!  YAY!

Here's a look, before I washed it:


Oh, right. The ball. I had help in the Studio that day.


Maggie seems to like it. A lot.

I asked my husband to hold it for me after I ran it through the wash. It's so long, he had to go upstairs and hold it over the railing:


And the reverse:


That gives a pretty good look at that triple-line wavy design.

I think I mentioned this is to go at the foot of our bed, overtop of the denim quilt. Here it is, all set:


Have I mentioned Maggie really likes it?

"Could you keep it down, please?"

Her sister does, too. That makes my heart happy!

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