Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Progress Report

I'm humming right along on those Gettysburg Battle Flag Quilt blocks!  Well, not really, but I have made some progress!  Here's what I accomplished by Monday evening:

IMG_2695 Gettysburg Battle Flag Quilt

The first four blocks - using 5 of the battle flags.  There are a total of 19 flags on the panel I cut up, so I put two together in the same block. I'd rather deal with a layout of 18 than 19.  

I still don't have a plan, but over-all, I'm adding in little pieces of traditional quilt blocks that were popular during the Civil War - or I'm centering the battle flags within a block - like in Block 3.  Look down in the lower left-hand corner - the 1st Engineer flag.  I built a Log Cabin block using that flag as the center.  
Yesterday, I made some mini "Flying Geese" to incorporate into one of the blocks; the block is only half-done, but here's a look:

IMG_2738 Gettysburg Battle Flag Quilt

Ummmm... yes!  I decided to use paper foundations.  Oh, I KNOW!  But since I really don't have a game plan, it's making it easier; I'm just adding until I fill the 9" squares.  This was not the best idea I've ever had, but it's not the worst, either.  I mean - it's not going to be a huge quilt... so paper removal won't be a major issue.

This leads me to a great question Trace asked:  "Don't you get little bits of paper stuck in the stitching?"  Yes, you certainly can - and that makes it harder to remove - and harder to remove without damaging your stitches!  When using a paper foundation, it's really important to decrease your stitch length.  That helps prevent the paper from getting stuck - since it's a tiny, tiny space! - and acts almost like perforations, making the paper easier to tear off.   The key is actually remembering to decrease the stitch size.  Ahem.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Looking fantastic! Now that I've gotten my paycheck, my might have to splurge that $10 and get those gettysburg blocks. :) Great work!

  2. That's going to look great! I couldn't imagine it before but now I see how it comes together.

  3. Okay but what are flying geese? This is all too much information for my poor brain to take in :)


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