Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pineapple Log Cabin

I spent an hour or so in the Studio yesterday, but all I did was sew about 1/8 of an inch in, all around the Frenzy Quilt (as per a very helpful suggestion by Desi!) just to secure things a little better -- then started picking paper off.  Not much to show you, just a bag full of "schnitzers" as my Grandma would have said, so today I'll follow up on that promise to show you my Pineapple Log Cabin quilt.  Interestingly enough, this was paper-pieced, too!

DSCN1686 Pineapple Log Cabin

I think I remember swearing I wouldn't do a full-sized quilt using paper foundations after this one ... but I jumped in again with the Frenzy quilt, didn't I? Oh, well.

Here's a look at one block:

DSCN1688 Pineapple Log Cabin

This one does have a reddish center - can you see how it's a log cabin?

I also love how that close-up shows how horrid some of the fabrics are.  I mean REALLY bad, dated prints ... but they all come together to make a great scrappy pineapple!

Doesn't the swirl-y quilting just "make" it?!!?

DSCN1690 Pineapple Log Cabin

My friend Kris did the quilting for me!  I like the combination of the sharpness of the pineapples with the soft swirls of her quilting!

Here's the label:

DSCN1692 Pineapple Log Cabin

Yes, there's quite a lag time and a whole continent between when I pieced it and when it was finished. What can I say?

The back is scrappy, too:

DSCN1694 Pineapple Log Cabin

So is the binding; can you tell from this shot?

DSCN1693 Pineapple Log Cabin

I mean ... if you're going to go scrappy, why not go scrappy?!?

Thanks for reading!

PS:  I will put a post together to answer some of the great questions you all asked about the Frenzy Quilt!  Please stay tuned!


  1. Well, as always I am stunned by your work. So clever! And also to my eyes not scrappy at all!!

    Thank you for sharing. You are really, really talented.

    I owe you email replies and pms but life has been so hectic, forgive me for being so silent, plus on the blogs too, just not had a minute lately to myself!!

    I can't see the log cabin,but then again I am not quite sure what I am looking for LOL!!

    You are a Frenzy of Talent imho!!

    luv Jeannie xxxxx

  2. Once again your work is so beautiful! I love the various colors! I don't see the log cabin though and I don't quite understand the pineapple part. I'm hopeless! :)

  3. At first I was going to ask why it is called Pineapple, but then I looked closely and had an AHA moment. SEE? I'm learning!


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