Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two More LapPacks!

Today was a great day, as I put three boxes in the mail (or the Super Shopper did!) - one heading to Macon, one to Missouri, and one to Washington state!  I showed you the bags bound for Macon yesterday; here's what's heading to Washington!

First up, a MacBook sized LapPack!  Valerie wanted one made from Texas A&M fabric.  She remembered the rules surrounding the licensed school fabrics I discussed a while back and didn't want to see me carted off to the hoosegow ... so we cut a deal.  Not the same deal I cut once before, but I didn't charge her for this bag, so we're good to go.  Cool enough - and thanks for remembering about that!

I asked my Guide Dog for the Color Blind what best went with Texas A&M fabric, and he indicated "more Texas A&M fabric".   Or at least he didn't approve of any of the fabs I tried to pair up with it.

Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind

He IS from Texas... I guess he knows.  I did sneak in a pinch of that solid grey, though, and he had no problem with that.  Here's a look at the LapPack!

Since I had the fab, I also did a little key fob and an eye glasses case.  :)  Here's a shot of the bag open:

I used one of my lovely big, black buttons for it - I love those buttons!   And you can see the solid grey there for the scrunchy closure.  I think it's a good match.  

Valerie also ordered a Dell Inspiron-sized LapPack and sent some cool aviation-themed fabric for me to use!  Take a look!

I also threw in a key fob and glasses case her!  Aren't they fun?  Take a closer look at my splashes of color:

I think the red accents and that bright yellow button really spice it up - without making it look girlie.  (This is for her dad; I'm fairly confident he won't be reading this.  LOL!)  I did try one of the black buttons and it was totally boring.

I used the plane fab for the lining, too:

Isn't it great?  Love the fabric!

I quilted both of these LapPacks with a white thread with a lot of sheen to it.  It's just the right touch for each bag!

Valerie, I hope these two men in your life enjoy their new LapPacks as much as I enjoyed making them!  (And Dave liked having a little bit of Texas in the house for a while.)  Thanks so much for your order!

And thank you for reading!


  1. They look so GREAT!!! I think the two recipients will absolutely LOVE them! Great work once again!!

  2. I would imagine the recipients are going to love their new LapPacks! They are wonderful!

  3. Stunning. I love them both. Even though I'm not from Texas.

  4. We know a few men who are going to be delighted with their new gifts. They are both just superb.


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