Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gerri, The Pups, and her Z Bag!

Nothing makes me happier than getting photos of people with their new bags!  And hey, if there are pups in the pix, even better!  Here are Maya Marie and Bella helping Gerri unpack her Z Bag!

Maya Marie and Bella, unpacking

And here is Gerri, with Missy joining the fun!

Gerri, sporting her Z Bag, being admired by Missy, Maya Marie and Bella

I love how it goes so well with the outfit she has on!

Apparently, so does Bella!  :)

Thanks for the showing us your Z Bag, Gerri!  You and the girls did a great modeling job!

PS:  I put a poll up in the sidebar.  Please vote!  Thanks!

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