Monday, May 25, 2009

The Huffle Duffel

I did a lot of thinking about just the right name for my new bag. It's a drawstring, so sort of a duffel bag. Small, yet bold.  A bit wild on the inside. And cute.  And so it became ... the Huffle Duffel.  

The Huffle Duffel is quilted and fully lined.  It has a double drawstring, to secure anything you’d like to tuck inside.  It is fully reversible!  Sometimes the outside is pieced, sometimes it isn't!  A photo of the first Huffle Duffel is shown at right.

The regular sized Huffle Duffel measures 8 x 10" and goes for $20.  Larger sizes are available for $30 and up.

Use your Huffle Duffel for CDs, computer programs, all those cords and chargers laying around, leashes and Hold the Phone! Bags, make up, or little cat toys!  There is no limit to its usefulness!  

The Huffle Duffel is named for our feline friend, Huffle Mawson, Explorer Cat and Honorary Husky, down in Melbourne, Australia.  She is small, yet bold, and a bit on the wild side.  And she is more than cute!  ☺

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  1. Huffle?



    PeeEssWoo: Mom says Dave's kholour choices are spot on!

  2. Very nice - lots of options for how to use it. But Huffle wild??? Wonder what she thinks about that - bet she loves it!

  3. Huffle LOVES her Huffle Duffel. It's stuffed full of her mouses. She sleeps next to it at night.


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