Monday, May 25, 2009

The LapPack

Designed to protect your laptop, the LapPack is stylishrugged, and will fit on your lap.  I mean - is designed to fit your laptop!  It's a clutch style and has a cute big-button closure -

or a double-button "dispatch case" style closure.

The LapPack is quilted and fully lined.  There is a layer of cotton batting in there to help protect your laptop.  The prototype LapPack was designed to house a MacBook, but if given the exact dimensions, I should be able to make a LapPack to fit any sized laptop.  The LapPack goes for $30.

The LapPack is named in honor of two of our favorite puppies, Steve and Kat!  Because they ARE rugged, stylish pups who can indeed fit on your lap ☺ - and because their mom is the one who requested this very cool bag! 

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