Monday, May 25, 2009

A Tale of Two LapPacks...

I'm way overdue with some updates!  A couple quick blog admin things - first, I have combined this blog with the now-defunct Bags by KZK Extras.  So the pix of our bags in action, at work and at play, are now on this blog!  Please peruse the archives to see the bags in their new homes!  Secondly, I did a couple quick posts earlier today, just to have "stats" pages for some of the newer bags.  Or not so new.  But ones I hadn't made pages for yet.  :)  OK... moving right along!

Here are the latest bags heading to Macon!  I did a couple in-progress pix, and now they're ready to head to Georgia!  Remember the cool fab I used in Trace's Super Shopper?  Shelli loved it. Well... OK... it was actually left over from Shelli's kitchen curtains!  She asked me if I'd like her "scraps"... and the rest, as they say, is history.  Or new bags.  Here's her LapPack!

She liked that green, too, so I put some in.  Well... OK... I put some in because I didn't have enough of the other fabric.  :)  But HEY, it looks cute.  I did the scrunchie for the button out of the green, too:

Here is the LapPack open for business:

Cool, isn't it?  And speaking of cool... I HAD to make Shelli a matching headband, too.  For those of you who don't believe me about the curtains... take a look:
The ever-adorable Macon Bag-a-holic

How totally cute is she!??!  Now I need a picture of her with her headband on, in front of the curtains, holding her LapPack.  LOL!

Shelli also ordered a LapPack for her father for Fathers' Day!   Take a look at it, in-progress!

So... err... no, you're not seeing double.  This was my first LapPack for something other than a MacBook, and after I finished the first one... my hubby brought a book in the exact size as Shelli's dad's computer.  I had MEASURED really WELL... but... err... it didn't fit.  The new one does.  :)  And happily enough, my hubby loves the first one and he told me it would be a great fit for the new, larger-sized Kindle.  (Guess who'd like one?)  Here's another look at the one for Shelli:

I love that fabric!  Her dad is a veteran, so it's just downright perfect!  Check out the back:

And a close-up of the "dispatch case" closure.

Yes, those are buttons from some of my husband's old uniforms.  Aren't they a great fit?

Here it is, open:

Shelli, thanks again for your support!  I hope you and your dad will be thrilled with your new LapPacks!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Why does Shelli always look so damn good in her photos???

    Very nice work on the lappacks by the way, I'll be adding them to my list :)

  2. Trace makes me smile! I think I look like a dork in this photo, lol! I am super stoked about my bag. My Mac will LOVE it... and My dad will love his too!!!

  3. Ditto what Trace said!!! the two lappacks are beautiful. And Mike has a Kindle??? You must tell me more.

  4. I LOVE them! I'm going to order one for my new laptop! :)

  5. That first bag would have my wife whipping out her wallet. Love the curtains too :)


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