Friday, May 1, 2009

My Bags Are Packed...

...and they're ready to go!  No... not those bags... Bags by KZK bags!  ;)

Cecile's latest order is all wrapped up!  She ordered a Huffle Duffel and a Hold the Phone! Bag, and had some really creative ideas for their use!  She wanted the HTP! Bag large enough to carry and protect her Garmin GPS unit.  What a great idea!  And a coordinating Huffle Duffel to hold all the cords, chargers, etc.  I love it!

Based on her color preferences, here's what I came up with:

A perfect pairing of denim and antique-looking map fabric.  For the GPS.  Get it?  Maps... GPS...?  

Moving right along... here's the reverse of the HTP! Bag:

And here's a better look at the front of the HTP! Bag:

I used a dense cotton batting in both the HTP! Bag and the Huffle Duffel, to protect everything.

Here's the Duffel:

I quilted and did all my decorative stitching in a YLI variegated thread ... warm, golden tans that really blend with the map fab!

Here's a look inside:

The lining is denim - from a friend's jeans.  :)  Thanks, Veronica.  I thought the denim would be a great liner especially because Cecile will use it for cords and such.  The denim is so tough, it will stand up to lots of "abuse"!  It is fully reversible, so turn it the other way for a different look!

The HTP! Bag fits comfortably inside, if you'd like to go that route:

"Go that route".  With the GPS.  LOL.  I'm so easily amused, aren't I?

This is such a comfortable pairing!  Great idea, Cecile!

Here's a closer look at both of the bags:

I did a lot of fun stitching on each and just really enjoyed the daylights out of making them!

Thanks for your order, Cecile!  You should have your bags within a couple of days!  I hope they give you great joy!

And as always, thanks for reading!


  1. I guess they don't get to leave on a jet plane....

    More great work!

    Tank woo fur sharing!


  2. It looks FAB!!! Khyra's comment is funny, lol!

  3. Love them!!!. Now there is a package to look forward too. Thank you Karen. You are so creative.


  4. Both bags are great! Very clever to put the denim inside!

  5. Another hit! They just keep coming. We always look forward to admiring your work.

  6. hey I love your humour!

    and sadly Khyra beat me to the post........literally!

    I was going to say something witty, (in my dreams!) about "leaving on a jet plane" or sign this from 'Peter Paul and Mary' but I guess I am just too late!

    lovely bags and so practical.

    Letty x

  7. I just posted a pic of the trike on my blog for you to see, with the so called Husky painting on which proved to be a wolf! LOL!

    Tired Letty xxxx


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