Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Tale of Two Ram-a-Lambs Part 3

This IS supposed to be about two RALs, so let's get moving! The other Ram-a-Lamb Shelli ordered is for DFT... or is that DTF? I get confused on monograms, which is why it's good that Shelli embroidered them, not me! :) So... if your initials are DFT or DTF, stop reading or you'll ruin your Christmas surprise! :) Anyway, this one is more casual than the other - and Shelli said a red and blue color scheme would work great for this special lady! One of my favorite color-combos - let's GO!

Here's a look at the front:

We opted to do the fabric straps, as on Kathie's; I think they're a great fit for this bag! Turn that bag around and let's see the back!

It was breezy; please don't mind my fingers!

Here's a closer look at the monogram; Shelli used a natural colored embroidery thread.

I had a quilting thread that comes mighty close to matching, and did sort of a boxy rope/twisted design around the monogram. It's similar to what I did on the other RAL, but "squared".

Here is a close-up of one pocket:

I love that stitch and have used it a few times now. It has a good "impact" to it.

Here is a grommet shot:

You can also get a good look at the quilting I did on each block. I do this free-form, so no two blocks are the same.

As for RBB's RAL, I reversed the side panels from how I usually orient them, and have the featured fab on the outside. Here's a look:

I did sort of a wide twisted rope thingie on the sides and bottom. (The bottom is denim.) Here's a peek inside!

And last, but not least, here's the Hold the Phone! Bag:

Can you see the glass beads hanging on the left-hand side of the bag? I used red, blue and gold. They're more noticeable live and in person. Here is the reverse side of the HTP! Bag:

I had such a blast making these bags! Thank you for the orders, Shelli, and for collaborating on these two special Ram-a-Lambs!

Thank you for reading!


  1. It looks khwite khwiltingly great!

    Excellent jobs ladies!!

    I KNOW The Deeve approves!!!

    Khyra's Mom

  2. Whoever RBB and DTF are, they are gonna LOVE those bags. I love them!

  3. Two lucky ladies will fall in love with their new bags - Mom loves that pocket!!!

    Woos, the OP Pack


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