Thursday, September 25, 2008

Black Tie and Tails

Behind again. But only because I've been doing a lot of sewing and pup-walking, so I think I'll be forgiven. Today's post features the items I made for Heather, for the Animal Friends' Black Tie and Tails event.

Remember a few posts back, I showed you the start of my newest design, Bart's Good Eeevening Bag? (Keep scrolling until almost the end of that post.) As a reminder, Bart's Good Eeevening Bag comes out at night, is a little bit on the exotic side, and is small enough to tuck in just about anywhere. It's named after the bat who hangs out at our house.

Bart's Good Eeevening Bag is formal on the outside....

... and kicky on the inside!

No one needs to know what's on the inside, making you smile. :)

Here's a detail shot of the interior pocket:

It's a tad out of focus; I have no idea why. I'd re-shoot, but the bag is in Pittsburgh.

The strap fits easily over your hand and hangs on your wrist. I also included a little pewter charm:

A darling paw print charm. You can really see the "black on black" of the outside of the bag. Isn't it gorgeous? I hope the bag makes its future owner smile; just making it put one on my face!

Heather also ordered a Storm Bag and asked for an animal theme. Since the fund-raiser is for a shelter that supports both dogs AND cats, and the Storm is reversible, I did dogs on one side and kitties on the other. Here's side one:

Neon dogs on black, neon paw prints, "woof"s and bones on black, and a brilliant green kicked in with a bright blue arctic camo twill! Many thanks to Steve, Kat and Wilbur's mom Valerie for the paw print/woof/bones fabric! It was the perfect fit with this project!

Here's a look at the Hold the Phone! Bag:

I used part of a tiny leash and it's hardware for the HTP! Bag strap - it seemed apropos! And check out the pewter charm and beads:

Many thanks to Eva and Brice's mom Vickie for the gorgeous crystal beads!!!

I did some fun stitching on the pocket top:

Here's the reverse/kitty side!

Oh, before I forget - yes, those are repurposed, new leashes for the straps. It's the first time I've used them on a Storm Bag and I LOVE the look! I used recycled denim for the bottom of the bag, and a pocket for the ... umm... pocket. :) I lined the pocket with a paw print fab, just to finish it off nicely. You can see about an eighth of an inch of it sticking up past the denim:

Here's another look at the fabs on the kitty side of the bag:

Hmm... I really could have rotated that. Sorry. Please cock your head to the left a bit.

Heather, I hope your fund-raiser goes swimmingly well for you! Thank you for letting me help out a little!

And thank you for reading!


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