Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Tale of Two RALs Part 2

Moving right along from my previous post, here's the finished Ram-a-Lamb for RBB:

The frayed edges make such a difference, don't they? And I LOVE the pink polypro straps!

Here's the back of the bag:

And here is the side:
I'm so glad we chose to showcase the fab on the outside a bit more! Isn't it yummy? I seriously think everyone can find his or her favorite color in there!

And now for some close-ups! Here is the lovely monogram Shelli embroidered:

Here's the HTP! Bag:

I "had" to attach some beads on the HTP! Bag. This one just called for some. :)

The rosettes are an antiqued pewter. And here's a shot of the top of a pocket and the frayed seam above it.

If you want to see how big of a difference the fraying makes, compare it to the photo at this link; it's the fourth one down in my last post. Cool, isn't it? Depth, movement, texture... OK, I admit it - I'm a tad biased. :)

Tune in next time for Part 3! Until then...

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