Sunday, September 7, 2008


I've made a few small changes to the Sitia Bag - basically the way it closes, having the lining show a bit on the outside, and splitting the inside pocket into three compartments instead of two. A change seems fitting, as there has been a small (but growing) change for its namesakes, Sitka and Tia. They've recently welcomed little Cornelia Marie into their family -- and trust me, nothing brings quite as many ch-ch-changes to your life as a little Siberian Husky puppy! :) And so... I give you the newly designed Sitia Marie Bag:

It's the one I told you I was donating to a fund-raiser for the American Heart Association. I just LOVE how it turned out! Here's the back:

I decided to have the lining stick up about an eighth of an inch or so, like on the Super Shopper. I think it's a cute touch. Here's a good look at it and the strap:

Remember the gorgeous, big, brown button I put on Trace's Z Bag? I used the same kind here; what a perfect fit!!!

Like the decorative stitching on the top of the pocket? Hearts ... and it's for the American Heart Association ...

Moving right along... here's the Hold the Phone! Bag:

Aren't the fabs just cool as can be!?!? I totally dig the whole pink, red, brown and dark brown thing. And of course, my best color to work with - white. :) Here's the other side of the HTP! Bag:

And some close-ups for you:

Want a better shot of the quilting? (Please say "yes".)

The thread is by King Tut - #946 Rubiyah. The King rocks. LOVE the thread colors.

Here's a look inside the HTP! Bag:

Lastly, here's a look inside the Sitia Marie.

The pocket is split into three compartments, so you can hold and organize all your important stuff!

I really think I need to make a Sitia Marie for myself. Seriously.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Khwite nice!

    And the title of this post surely wormed its way into my mom's head!!

    We love the khwilting and the stitching and the kholours and the well



  2. OH OH OH I need one in those exact colours! Now!


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