Sunday, September 7, 2008

Third Post For The Day

I told you I was behind with the blog! :)

I finished up some bags for Patty and got everything mailed off to her. In my Odds and Ends post, I showed you parts of parts of her order. Let's go through it all!

Here's her Hold the Phone! Bag. She wanted a longer strap, with the leash hardware, to wear over her shoulder at work.

Here's a detail shot:

And the back:

She also ordered a Boo Tote, out of the same fabs I used for Kathie's and Michelle's. She also liked Kathie's blue handles - here's Patty's Boo!

My FAVORITE part of the order was her Deeve Bag! (The bag is really more symmetrical than it appears in this photo...):

I originally looped the side D-rings through a "single flat pleat" like the ones on Shelli's BDU Deeve Bag -- like in the photo above. The D-rings are the things the strap/handle goes through. That's what I'm calling them, anyway. Then it hit me - what if I folded the pleats inward, and made it a double, tuck-in pleat? I gave it a go, and got this:

I LOVE it! I really think it's a great "shape". The really cool part is, with the aid of a tiny screwdriver, you can change it around however you like it! Ha! Umm... I meant to do that all along ... ! If that doesn't make sense, check out the last photo in this post; it shows a close-up of the D-rings.

The main fab is a Laurel Burch - with dog faces. I'm not good at picking favorites, but let me say that as fabric goes, this one is right up there. It was also the first time I used polypro for the strap/handle on a Deeve - Patty has had favorable feedback on it for me! I love the look and will do that again VERY soon!

Here's a detail shot of the front:

I have this thing for big, bold buttons lately. They look so cool, and they're easy to handle. :)

Here's the coordinating HTP! Bag:

I had fun with some glass beads and a silver paw print charm:

Here's the flip-side of the HTP! Bag:

The Deeve has two large inside pockets; here's a detail shot of one:

I used a YLI Jewel-toned variegated thread on the inside and outside. It goes with SO much!

Lastly, here's the inside of the Deeve Bag:

See what I mean about the inward pleats? Very cool - and I love that you have your choice of however you'd like the bag shaped!

I also got Heather's order out to her this past week; I'll post that up within the next couple of days!

Thanks for reading!


  1. It is no wonder woo are behind with posts: woo have been one khuttingly khreative sewing phool!


    They all look grrrrrrreat!!!


  2. You are a clever woman and you are going to send me broke.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how gorgeous your bags are AND how each one is just so unique!!!! Oh, how I want to do another order!!!

    Hugs, Kathie

  4. Oh, we love the new Deeve bag!!! So nicely done!

  5. oh I love my new parcels! The HTP bag I wear at work that goes with my putrid green scrubs gets so many compliments.

    And who wouldn't love that Deeve? It's getting rave reviews from everyone!

    thank you thank you thank you

  6. So many people I've encountered love the Deeve.

    However, I have to tell you Karn, the little HTP bag with the extra long strap is a HUGE hit amongst the nurses I work with.


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