Friday, January 31, 2020

Traffic Jam!

Hi, everyone!  Thanks for stopping by.  Today, I'm cramming a few week's worth of progress into one post.  I decided to sew along with Pat Sloan, making her Traffic Jam! quilt.  First, I tested the block out to see if I'd like it ...


Yes!  Totally enjoyable!  The blocks went together very quickly!

I worked strictly from my 2.5" scrap basket and grabbed a bunch of 5" squares from a "charm square exchange" I did years ago. Not all of the 5" squares were "my" 5" (everyone cuts differently!), so resizing them all to 4.5" for this project was perfect!

Not knowing where I was going at first, I just kept making blocks ...


... and they stacked up in no time.

I stuck to blues - I've always loved a blue & white theme!

For the sashing, I went back into my 2.5" scrap basket and was able to go pretty far that way.


I did have to cut into some yardage eventually -- since the project kept growing. LOL. At least it's all from my "stash"; I feel great about that!


I got to work sewing the sashing on:


And just kept going!


After I got the rest of the sashing and the cornerstones on, I auditioned a couple different blues for a border.  I'm not usually fond of borders, but I thought this quilt really needed at least one.  I decided on this sort of denim blue:


I eventually pieced those (the quilt got a bit ... large), pressed them nice and straight (you can see one of the sides in the second photo on yesterday's post), then sewed them on.


I must say, using that long metal ruler to make sure my long borders were straight as I pressed made for nice flat, non-wavy borders!!!  YAY!

I eventually pieced a backing, then basted everything together.  Here it is, all set for the quilting:


I treated myself to some new King Tut quilting thread - White Linen.  It is perfect for my Traffic Jam!  I put one line of quilting in, just to test things out.  It's going to be lovely.

Thanks for reading - I'll keep you posted on my progress!



  1. You always make your projects seem so easy! I love this one you just put together, Traffic Jam, absolutely gorgeous and I am not usually a blue fan! I thought the teeny round bag in your last post was a super idea for so many things! Hey, I love all that you do and your dogs, too:-). Looks like you are having a brown winter like we are here in southwest Ohio! Ugh, just drab and cold...

    Take care and keep on posting,
    Lucy (Troy, Ohio)

  2. Your work is always so inspirational and beautiful, Miss Karen. Love your fabric choices!

  3. That's a great looking quilt. I love all the blues with the white.

  4. Karen
    Oh my word I love the colors and it is huge....what a project. You have the perfect spot for it though.
    I need to get as organized as you are with sqs stored in sizes.
    Hugs Cecilia


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