Monday, January 6, 2020

Because I Love The Fabric

Hi, everyone!  Before I get started, just to clarify yesterday's post - I hadn't quilted the placemats yet!  They were just pieced panels, which made them perfect to turn into anything!  Having said that, I have watched videos where someone took pre-made placemats and turned then into all sorts of cute bags ... but that's a different story altogether!

After I had that tote put together, I OF COURSE still had scraps.  Do you ever really use all of your scraps?  Anyway ... what to do, what to do.  I thought a Persimmon Dumpling Pouch would be in order!

I didn't have big scraps, but that was OK!  I just started piecing together what I did have:


You know, I do have an actual stiletto in a crock by my machine.  I usually use a tiny screwdriver, though -- and in a pinch, a golf tee works perfectly!

I was able to piece together panels just large enough for a small Dumpling Pouch.  Perfect!


I bought those scissors YEARS ago and wow, do I love them.  They have micro-serrated blades and a removable loop in the handles - it makes them spring open, thus making cutting much easier.  I can't remember where I got them, but Amazon has them.  Of course.

Once I had my panels cut, I sandwiched them to some batting and wanted to do a little quilting.  I had the perfect thread in my "stash":


King Tut Valley Of The Queens.  Isn't it gorgeous?!?  And I even had about 1/2 of a bobbin wound.  SCORE!


I just sort of stitched beside the ditch and carried everything over across the whole piece.  It was fun!

Before I knew it, I had my little Dumpling Pouch all set:


How can you not love it?

Here's a look inside:


Note the little "pulls" on each side of the pouch; the pattern doesn't call for them, but they make it so much easier to open and close the bag!


I actually bought some zips finally.  Don't get me wrong, I love using ones from discarded clothing, but it's also nice to have a wide array of colors to choose from!

That's it for now!  Thanks so much for reading!


  1. Those dumpling pouches are SO adorable.

  2. You are really using up your scraps and such a cute bag too.

  3. The pouch is adorable! You are such a talented lady, Miss Karen!


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