Thursday, January 30, 2020

Big And Small

Hi, everyone!  Lots of things can make a positive difference in our lives - some big, some small.  Let's take a look at two things I recently added!

First up, a "big" thing:


Forty-eight inches of solid metal! Why? To help keep me on the straight and narrow, so to speak.

When ironing borders or any long piece of fabric, it's so easy for the fab to get a bit "off", resulting in wavy borders or blocks.


Having watched a lot of Donna Jordan's videos, she always has a long, metal ruler on her pressing surface to help her keep everything straight. She finally mentioned in one of the vids that she bought hers at the hardware store - why didn't I think of that?!? So ... a couple weeks ago, when my husband said he was going to Menard's, I asked him to look for one - and if it wasn't too expensive (I'm rather ... frugal), would he mind picking one up for me?

Not only did he score one for me, but check this -- LESS THAN $8!!!

File this under "what took me so long"!!!

Next up, a relatively "small" thing ... and the result of a compilation of a few more videos.  I saw a round zippy bag several YouTubers made that was being used for earbuds or change. I thought - (a) I've never made a round bag and (b) wouldn't that be a cute poop bag holder?!?! I grabbed some fabric I purchased in Korea that is actually from a Korean fabric line and ...


How cute is that?!? The zip is recycled from a discarded garment and is totally perfect for the bag.  I put little pulls at both ends of where the zip is; I looped a carabiner through one to hook to her leash and the other is perfect to hold onto when you zip the bag shut.  The fabric is a great coordinate with Cammie's "wicked purple" harness/leash/collar.

For the circle, I used an old "" CD that I keep around for template purposes - so the whole bag measures less than 5" in diameter.  Just large enough to stuff a few bags in there.

Since I never go out without bags, it's nice to have another holder handy!!

Thanks for reading - and remember - even little things make a big difference!


  1. I love that cute bag. The metal ruler is a great idea too.

  2. Love the poop bag holder. How very clever and stylish!


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