Wednesday, September 26, 2018

How Cozy

Hi everyone!  I'm back.  Slight delay in posting due to life in general and the remodel.

My latest project, or at least the one I remembered to photograph, started when a friend sent me a link to a tutorial for soup bowl hot pads.  (This one.). My first thought was "How CUTE!" -- then I couldn't stop thinking about them.  I knew we wouldn't really use them, but she said they do a lot of stand up eating at dog events (she and her hubby do sledding events, etc. with their Siberian Huskies!).  Hmm ...

Cleverly disguising myself as the Sewing Fairy 😏, I asked Heather what colors she and her husband like.  She said "blue and silver/grey", and I hit my fabric stash.  I must admit two things at this point:

  1. It's not like I didn't think Heather was on to me, but it was fun to pretend she didn't.
  2. My stack of blue fabr-- OK, my stacks of blue fabric are rather on the large side of things.
I looked through my lovely blues, but nothing really grabbed me for this project.  At that point, one of my Siberians wandered into my Studio and I thought, "It would be cool if I had something with Sibes on it."  Then I remembered my stack of flannels and ...


Iditarod-themed flannels.  In blues and silvers.  BOOM! Is that perfect or what? And yes, flannel would be a little trickier to work with since it's bulky, but ... it was perfect. And wouldn't that feel nice on cold hands?

I got to sewing ...


I use my walking foot a LOT - it was perfect for this.  As you can see, I cut my batting a little bit smaller than my flannel.  Why?  To help avoid bulk.  I cut my squares 1/2" larger than called for in the tute so I could have a larger seam allowance.  If Heather needs to wash these, it will help prevent fraying/seam issues.

When I made the little notches to help form the bowl shape (watch the vid at the link above and that will make sense), I thought in addition to trimming the triangles off, I'd also cut off some of the excess batting:


See up there by the scissor blade?  I think it helps the bowl lay better.

Before I knew it, I had a soup bowl cozy!  My husband started calling it that and it was easier than "soup bowl hot pad", so I went with it.  Check it out:


Here's a look at the inside:


Isn't the fabric the best?!!?

This was so much fun, I decided she needed a set - one for her, one for Dan, and a couple spares:


They're also reversible -- just punch them the other way.

I grabbed one of my bowls to see how it works:


Tell me those aren't cute!!!

Heather, I hope you and Dan enjoy!  They were super fun to make!

Thanks for reading!


  1. OMG! Those turned out so adorable, and absolutely "cozy" is the right word! I can't wait until they are in my paws so I can test them out. And I suspect they will need to be washed at some point because being outdoors and eating soup or chili or stew out of a bowl is going to ensure some slurpy spills. ;-) Having our food stay warmer longer is going to be a big plus. Thank you for finding the perfect fabric, Fabric Fairy!!

  2. They are absolutely adorable and so useful!

  3. Oh we are loving these. Great idea and so well done. Love that fabric too as another blue fan.

  4. You sure found the perfect fabric for that project. I always say you can never have too much fabric in your stash. Those bowl cozy's are so cute.


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