Friday, September 7, 2018


Hi readers!  The "bagets" are continuing to multiply in my Studio.  As I mentioned, I'm going with different themes now.  In digging through my scrap strip baskets, I found a lot of homespuns and decided I had more than enough for a small "baget".


I also found that I had some strips pre-sewn, so I thought I'd work those in, too.


Why I had those small strips already sewn together, I could not say.  I also don't know why I had fusible fleece, but I had a hunk of that - so I used it for this project.  I'm working hard to gain some space back and use things I have on hand.

I lined with denim, which gave the "baget" even more stability -- and used some of the OODLES of denim I've accumulated.  I mean OODLES.  I see a denim bed-sized quilt in my future.  Let me first get through the remodel from %#&& first, so I can regain some sanity and have some uninterrupted Studio time.

As always, thank you for reading!

PS:  I'm fairly certain the tutorial at this link is the one I read several years ago and made everything sound so nice and easy.  It's well-written and is one that really made it all click for me!


  1. I'm loving these bags you're making! What are you doing with all of them?

  2. We too wonder what you are going to do with all those baguets. You do so well with all your sewing. I had a challenge yesterday just trying to hem granddaugher's uniform skirt:)

  3. Love your homespun and denim bags! They are gorgeous and so creative!


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