Thursday, May 12, 2011

Patriot Squares Quilt

Or something like that.  I haven't quite decided on the name, but here's another quilt I've recently finished.  It took me a long time to finish this one, but at least I did finish!  (I started in February of '07 - you can see it in progress here and here.

Before I get to it, let's get caught up with everything else I've been working on.  Readers of the Ao4 Digest know I've made new collars and leashes (here and here) for the boys, as well as a new puffy quilt.  At that last link, you can see the Patriot Squares Quilt about half-way down.  

In that photo, my Guide Dog for the Color Blind and I were discussing what fabric to use for the binding.  Or rather, I had picked the medium blue with the WWII military characters on it for the binding - and he didn't like it.  Sigh.  If I'm going to task him to do a job, I should be prepared to accept what he comes up with ... so I asked him, and he opted for the darker blue with stars.  

DSCN1201 Patriot Squares quilt
I liked the medium blue over in some of the blocks on the right side of the quilt here;
Dave liked the darker blue with stars in the lower left.

In all honesty, his choice really DOES tie everything together much better. (Thank you, Dave!)

How about a look at the whole quilt?

DSCN1200 Patriot Squares quilt
Patriot Squares.  And my hubby's feet.

It's so wide that my husband had to use tongs to hold it up, as "extenders". The Kansas wind didn't really help out, so I ended up shooting more pix inside.

DSCN1188 Patriot Squares quilt

DSCN1190 Patriot Squares quilt

Let's go in for a close-up!

DSCN1199 Patriot Squares quilt

That star print is what Dave chose for the binding. He's really good at his job, isn't he? The medium blue didn't have that "Ta-da!" factor.

Here's a look at the back, and the GORGEOUS quilting:

DSCN1177 Reverse side of Patriot Squares
Quilting by my friend Donna!

My friend Donna is a long-arm quilter and did the quilting for me. Didn't she do a wonderful job?!?! Ironically, she's the one who also led our on-line group through piecing the quilt back in '07! Interesting that she'd end up quilting mine! I think she said the name of the quilting pattern is "popcorn", but it reminded me of fleurs-de-lis. In a way. OK, really - use your imagination!

Donna, thank you so much for helping make this quilt come alive! The quilting adds such a great dimension to it!

The Patriot Squares quilt is for my husband - who is not a square, but is definitely a patriot! ☺

Thanks for reading!

PS:  This post had been deleted by Blogger and not restored.  I'm reposting.  I'm very thankful it appeared and did not disappear in my Google Reader!

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Meghann LittleStudio said...

WOW! Love that quilt, so simple yet complex! Love the long-arm quilting too, there aren't many people who do that here, so they charge an arm and a leg, but wow, it is SO worth it!