Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dancing Stars

I'm going to have to rename this quilt, because the name is too much like "Dancing With the Stars" and ... well, let's just say it's not a good fit.  But the pattern is named Dancing Stars, so until I come up with my own moniker, I'm stuck with it.

It started when I bought my first jelly roll. It's Half Moon by Moda -- a gorgeous black and white group. I ran it past my Guide Dog for the Color Blind first, of course, and he was ready to get to work on helping me pick JUST the right accent fabric. Or fabrics.  My FaceBook friends also helped a great deal - and I must say, they made the process extremely fun!  (Thanks, everybody!!!)

GDFTCB b w aqua

The aqua was a huge hit with everyone, but it needed an accent. Another popular choice was a purple. Hmm... could I use both?

IMG_2050 Choosing fabrics

I don't see why not!

I had to add in a few extra black and white prints, as the jelly roll didn't quite have enough for this size of quilt. That Eiffel Tower print you see up there ☝is one of my additions.  I love it - especially because it was sent to me by the Macon Bag-a-Holic.  It makes the quilt that much more special to have a little reminder of a sweet friend in there!  Thanks for being part of my quilt, Shelli!!!

Time to get sewing long strips:

IMG_2051 Sew on!
Sew on...
IMG_2052 and sew forth!
...and sew forth!

I confess, I found sewing the long strips together to be extremely tedious. I had been thinking about doing one of those Jelly Roll 1600 quilts and I may ditch that idea. We'll see. It helped that I had a movie playing via NetFlix/Apple TV.

A side note here -- I change needles frequently, so yes, I tape the container of whatever needle is in my machine to my Bernina.  I think Bernina dealers would shudder to read that, but hey, those tiny numbers on the side of the needle just aren't as easy to read as they once were, so this helps me remember who's at the plate.  So to speak.

OK... let's get on to some pressing matters...

IMG_2053 about to start cutting

...and it's time to cut.

IMG_2054 Fabric choices

Once I started laying things out, I just wasn't sure about the purple. Did I need it? Would it really work? Hmm...


I cut enough of the purple for a few stars. Just in case.

I sewed points together for one star and laid the blocks on the floor.

IMG_2112 Star block

My Guide Dog for the Color Blind approved, so I sewed all the aqua stars together.  (IF I wanted to add the purple in, I could do that later.)  I tossed those on the floor (too big for my design wall) and gave it a lot of thought.

DSCN1376 Dave

Dave gave it a lot of thought as well. We both decided it needed something. Like ONE purple star.

IMG_2224 Small star added

Just for an accent.

IMG_2229 blocks together!

Exactly what it needed. Next step - to cut and add the borders. Right now, the plan is to add a thin purple border, then ... I'm not sure.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Dave is such a great helper. If I was there I think I might be a better help if I actually curled up on top of it. Get a better perspective ... Great work Karen. Love Mati.

  2. It turned out stunning! Dave knows what he's wooing about! Also, I like "Dancing Stars". Those other associations never crossed my mind for a moment. (Probably cause I've never watched any of them).
    I often think of my Star up there "dancing in the star light" with her beloved Sherman.

    Whatever you finally call it, I call it "beautiful!


  3. Dave did a great job picking out those colors and we love the purple star! The colors happen to remind us of handsome Davy too!

  4. Me, I'd leave off the purple border. I like the colours they way they are now.

  5. Wow, busy and pretty! Love that your dog has a say too, what a sweetie :)


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