Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jill's Super Shopper: In Process!

I'm currently working on another Super Shopper.  This one is for my cousin's daughter -- I think that makes her my first cousin, once removed, but don't quote me on that.  Let's just call her Jill and know that I'm making a very CUTE bag she can use to carry baby stuff!

I ended up ordering fabric especially for the bag - Amy Schimler's Party Animals 2, by Robert Kaufman.  The Fat Quarter bundle came with some big panels of the animals and I knew I'd find a good way to put them to use.

I auditioned a bunch of different layouts, using the prints in various ways, then made my decisions and started cutting and sewing:

IMG_2240 Jill's Super Shopper
The start of Jill's Super Shopper

The outside parts are on the left/front of the photo; the panels out on the leaf of my table are the inside panels (which I lovingly refer to as "bag guts" at this stage).

Jill wanted to be able to shut things to avoid spillage, and expressed interest in big buttons. I had JUST the perfect ones! Here's the plan for the outside:

IMG_2254 Jill's Super Shopper
Front of bag with VCB.  (Very cool button.)

I broke up some of the prints on the front of the bag with a few of the panel animal prints and used others  for inside pockets! They need cool buttons, too, don't you think?

IMG_2291 Jill's Super Shopper
Bag guts being fitted with buttons and loops

For sure.

This fabric is a KICK to work with!  So playful and fun!  Hopefully, my playful and fun boys will grant me Studio time this afternoon so I can get back to it!

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  1. Very bright and cheery! I love those buttons.

  2. I love the fabrics! So bright and colourful.

  3. Those fabrics are so fun and cheerful!


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