Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jill's Super Shopper: All Done!

Oh, is THIS going to be a photo-heavy post!  I'll try to keep the chit-chat to a minimum, but for whatever reason, I shot a ton of photos of Jill's bag and I couldn't decide which ones to leave out ... so here we go!

Here's the front:

DSCN1517 Jill's Super Shopper

On the right, I used one of the panels I told you about (the owl) and on the left, I used another panel (the red skunk that some of us thought was a red fox...) and a little strip of fabric toward the bottom as an accent.  

DSCN1519 Jill's Super Shopper
A skunk.  Not a fox.

Here's a look at how the button and its loop came out:

DSCN1518 Jill's Super Shopper

I guess I mixed stripes with dots.  (I also run with scissors, but don't tell anyone.)

How about a look at that front pocket?

DSCN1521 Jill's Super Shopper

I used red leaf fab and goldish leaf fab; I didn't think there was enough color otherwise.  LOL!

I quilted in that lovely King Tut 930 that I told you about in an earlier post and mimicked the leaf design.

I used one of my husband's golf gloves to give me an extra hand showing the pockets.
DSCN1524 Jill's Super Shopper

I couldn't resist writing that.

Here's the side tag detail:

DSCN1522 Jill's Super Shopper

Because I love the thread I chose so much, I did a lot of extra top-stitching.  Here's a close-up of that front pocket:

DSCN1526 Jill's Super Shopper

Let's check out the other side of the bag!  Back to the Japanese Maple tree:

DSCN1527 Jill's Super Shopper

I used a squirrel panel on the right and another little "breaker strip" (I just made that term up) on the left-hand side.  The fabric above the green leaf pocket is one of my faves in the bundle.  Check it out:

DSCN1528 Jill's Super Shopper

That's what inspired my quilt design for the majority of the outside of the bag!  Love it!  (Loopies only made possible with my Bernina Stitch Regulator.  I ♥  my Bernina!!!)

Here's my husband's glove giving me a hand with the other exterior pocket:

DSCN1529 Jill's Super Shopper

I did the same leaf stitching motif there (not exactly the same; I free-handed it) and lots of top-stitching and cool fabric as an accent on top.

Let's get a hand inside that bag, too!

DSCN1533 Jill's Super Shopper

The inside of the bag is made from the four leaf prints - green, red, goldish and tan.  There are three interior pockets - the little bird you see in the pic above, the plaid raccoon below...

DSCN1535 Jill's Super Shopper

... and the little spotted bug below:

DSCN1541 Jill's Super Shopper

I used very cool buttons on the two larger pockets, so Jill's stuff wouldn't spill out if her Super Shopper gets knocked over!  

Jill, your bag is winging its way to you right NOW!  I hope you're thrilled with it.  It was a gas to make and a delight to get to know you a little better as we went through the creative process together!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow! Another extraordinary creation. I love the buttons and loops. The quilting is great, too, and the extra topstitching was a great touch.

  2. This is so fabulous and I so want one.. Your work is just gorgeous. x

  3. I love the fabrics, the buttons, the stitching, the pockets, everything! She's going to have so many admirers of her new bag!

  4. I AM SO EXCITED!! I'm pretty sure I should just sit outside by the mailbox and wait...just, wait. I'm seriously so excited that this AMAZING bag is on its way to MY house RIGHT NOW! :D

    And, was great to get to know you better, too!! :D

  5. Jill you are going to love your bag, I could not live without my super shopper now. Gorgeous as always, Karen.

  6. What a master piece!!

    Maxx and mommy


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