Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jill's Super Shopper: Part Deux

Where was I with Jill's Super Shopper?  Oh, right - I was showing you the inside pockets being fitted with VCBs.  (Very cool buttons.)  Did you notice the quilting I did on them? Here's another look:

IMG_2231 Jill's Super Shopper

Check the quilting, then check the sort of green striped fab at the top of that photo.  It inspired me!  Little things like that make me smile.

For the quilting and top-stitching, I'm using one of my VERY favorite brands of thread -- King Tut.  I've written a few times (especially here and here) about my love for this thread; it's just a joy to work with and oh, the richness of color!  Sigh.  For Jill's Super Shopper, I'm using 930 -- Thebes, a variegated blue.  It's just incredible!

I decided to make a couple accessories for Jill. Here is a key fob under construction:

DSCN1493 Jill's Super Shopper

Can you see the thread better there? See what I mean? GORGEOUS!

Oh. And yes, I use masking tape to hold my tag in place. It's Tyvek, so it's strong, but slippery. I don't want pins to leave holes... so masking tape does well! Except ... when inserting the tags into the side of glasses cases. There's nothing to tape the tag to - so I try to pin it in. For whatever reason, the zigzag stitch either does very well with the tag ... or eats the Tyvek and makes the tags wonky. On Jill's glasses case, part of the tag was destroyed in the stitching process, so ... I cut it out and initialed the case instead.

DSCN1503 Jill's Super Shopper

If you've had people claim your work as their own, you'll understand my habit of signing or tagging. (Same with watermarking my photos.)

Moving right along ... let's have a look at my least favorite steps!

IMG_2334 Jill's Super Shopper

That's right - boxing the corners. It's just ... awkward!

After I box, instead of trimming those flaps off like many people do, I sew the flaps of the outside of the bag to the flaps of the inside of the bag...

IMG_2335 Jill's Super Shopper

...not to make another awkward step, but so the lining won't pull out of the bag. The hard part is making sure you do it as the bag will lay, so there's some twisting and turning involved to get it like this:

DSCN1504 Jill's Super Shopper

Isn't that attractive?!?! But it means we're almost home! Time to turn it right-side-out, add the straps, and do some top-stitching!

IMG_2343 Jill's Super Shopper

And remember my motto: Pins are your friends. Just don't sew over them.

Thanks for reading!


  1. FYI...I read this blog entirely out loud and smiled/laughed the whole time! :D

  2. It sounds complicated to me to make but yet I have trouble with buttons but boy that bag is adorable!

  3. I am loving the colours in this bag! And the KZK tag on my bags makes them unique... aside from the uniqueness of the actual bags, obviously.


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