Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fabric Frenzy!

Oh... not that kind of Frenzy.  But I am still working on that -- just not as quickly and frenzy-like as before.  Today's post is shots of fabric for a new bag.  The decision process!  Before I get started, Cecile sent me a couple pix of her modeling her new Ram-a-Lamb and they just have me smiling, ear to ear!  I put them up on the Bags by KZK Extras blog; please check them out!  I think the bag is a perfect "fit"!

I'm making a Z Bag for Gerri and wanted to give her some fab choices.  She gave me the general direction of blues, yellows, fuschia, lavender, greens... plaids and flowers, hearts and huskies.  :)  Here are some proposals for you, Gerri!

Here's a gorgeous fabric with flowers and veggies, fresh from the garden:

I could pair it up with just about anything.  It would make a smashing Z Bag!

Here are a couple playful prints:

A hearty "merci bien" to Shelli for the fab on the left!

Next up are some fun garden/sunflower themed fabs:

They could be used separately or together.

Here is a great blue & yellow sunflower fab:

I used some of it on a Mr. Green Jeans tote a few months back.  

Here is a lovely, softer print; it's the one that immediately came to mind when you mentioned your preferences:

I don't think the photo does it justice.  The fab itself is by Northcott Silks and has a lovely "hand" to it - very tightly woven and feels like silk.

Here are some fun, kicky prints that could be used together or separately:

There are hearts on the one in the top left corner.  The fab on the right is a border print.  That could be very fun in a Z Bag!

And to go a bit less "soft"...

The two fabs on the bottom left (above) were used in Trace's Z Bag; the others don't "go", I just grouped them together as they're all nice, saturated colors.

The main fab in this next photo is the same one I used in her bag, but a different colorway - more of a spa/aqua:

It would be very fun to pair it up with the hot fabs on the left of the picture!  :)

Those are the ideas I have right now, Gerri.  If you don't see something you totally fall in love with, I will be more than happy to pull more fab ideas!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Glad it's not me picking - too many great choices. I do like a lot of the ones in the Trace grouping.

  2. The ones in the second picture? I think I need a bag with those. Really.


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