Friday, March 13, 2009

Frenzy on the Floor

So... where was I?  Oh, right - all the 6.5" blocks are pieced.  Once they had been approved by Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind...

...I laid them out on the floor to get a general idea what they'd look like together - and so I could start sewing block to block.  Here's a look at them all:

I'm very excited!  Even standing on my wicker coffee table, I had to shoot it in two parts, then "sew" those pix together.  How quilty!  :)

I prefer to use a design wall to audition lay-outs,  keeping everything up off the floor - but (a) paper-pieced blocks won't "stick" to what I use, (b) this quilt is larger than my design wall, and (c) I have a security guard who keeps wayward Siberians off of any quilt pieces I lay on the floor.  Seriously.  

Amber looks (and is) all things sweet and innocent, but I trust her completely to keep her brothers (Dave and Zim) away from the blocks.  Siberians are in the Working Breed Group, and this is one of her jobs.  She is quite serious about her work.  (For the record, her sister Stormy wouldn't think of disturbing them.) 

Now we sew block to block:

See how I just have to line the papers up with each other?  It's amazingly easy.  Just make sure your "rails" are going the right way and GO!

I have this much into "two-sies" (block to block):

The plan is to do "two-sies", then "four-sies".  I couldn't resist doing a "four-sie", though, just to see how it was going to look.  Take a peek!

I'm really thrilled with how this is coming together.  Here's another look at the line up:

After a quick hug from Dave:

I got back to doing "two-sies".

And sweet Ammy continued to keep watch:

She's paid in Happy Hearts cookies and long walks.  :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. WOW! Lots of good stuff happening in the quilt room! Love love love the blocks and the assistants! I am glad their pay is good. Sitka and CM want to know if you need any more helpers... oh, Tia said she will be glad to be paid in belly rubs and brush"ies".

  2. The OP Pack is waiting on a delivery of Happy Hearts too, maybe I need to send them your way to help.

    Nice job - it is starting to come together for me now:-)

  3. I still don't understand the use of the phone book but hey, it looks great!

  4. Dave and Amber have very important jobs in the making of quilts! It turned out so beautiful!

  5. I've been following your quilt block progress and it looks great. I have to ask though: How can you lay your projects out on the floor and your assistans stay off of it? As soon as I try to piece together any project on the floor both of my Aussies are on it in a heartbeat with that look of Gee, thanks for the new blankie. Even if given an Off and Down command, they are back on it as soon as I turn around.
    Good luck with the project. Looks great.


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