Monday, March 30, 2009

It's My Happy Heart You Hear....

Yes, that's the song I had stuck in my head.  This one.  The Andy Williams version.  I guess it's only natural, since I've been working on Gerri's Z Bag - Gerri of Happy Hearts Cookies fame.  :)  The song was welcome relief, actually.  Prior to getting started on the Z, I was plagued by "I've Got Spurs That Jingle Jangle Jingle".  I don't know why.

Gerri chose the fabs in the last photo in the last post I put up.  It always seems to be the one that slightly pushes the envelope!  Here's how it's coming along:

Quilting one of the straps

I'm quilting in a variegated pink and it's making me smile.

Here are some various bag parts:

Straps, my tag taped on (it's the best way to hold it in place before I sew it), the pink rose is the interior pocket (with a single line of hearts embroidered along the top), the hot pink and blue is the loop fastener... and I think that's part of the body of the bag up at the top.

I actually started on the Hold the Phone! Bag, too, and had finished it before I knew what had hit me.  Here are the HTP! Bag guts:

Top of the photo is the bag, inside out.  Yes, I did machine embroidered hearts on it.  I think that explains why Andy Williams was singing in my head.  The pieced item at the bottom of the photo above is the inside of the bag.  The lining.

In this next photo, I'm sewing the Velcro onto the inside of the HTP! Bag.  I put interfacing behind it for added stability.

Here is the most challenging part to the HTP! Bag for me - sewing the along the top.  

Got enough pins in there?  
(Fear not!  I remove them before I stitch over them.)

I've tried other methods of finishing the bag, sewing lining to outside, but since I want some top stitching there anyway, it's a one-stop shopping experience.

I even chose some cool beads and put those on:

That part made me get the "Jingle Jangle Jingle" thing stuck back in my head.  ;)

On to the Z itself this afternoon!

Thanks for reading!


  1. LOVE it. It is going to look so awesome when you finish. And yup! The top of the HTP! Bag looks really hard!

  2. The HTP@! Bag is just gorgeous and I know the rest of the bag will be too.

  3. Gerri will be thrilled with it all. Love the fabrics.

  4. OMD, that is amazing!!!! I'm here reading it and the colors.... the stiching...the pups are looking at me funny b/c I actually said "woo."

  5. What a bright, cheerful and beautiful bag! Looks very difficult to sew so I'll stick with beads!

  6. your bags are great! i love the bright colors and bold prints you use - i do a lot of the same thing.

    thank you so much for your comments. i had read a couple articles on the other 2 LTs killed and it's terrible. i'm just happy i can do something for cdr lebel in her recovery.


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