Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Working, Thinking, Building...

Gerri's Z Bag is coming along swimmingly!  Here are the liner and the outside, all quilted and ready to go:

Well, all ready to go together, get sewn, then turned right-side-out.  :)  Trust me, it's looking great.  I'll put some more work in on that later today.

I've also been thinking about a new Super Shopper or Boo Tote.  Not quite sure yet which one; not quite sure on the fab selections either.  Trace really likes the "peacock" style fab in the bottom of this photo:

I do, too!  Very cool!  And I love how the fabs at the top of the photo go... but I've got two "challenges" - one, I only have small scraps of the floral and the better (bottom) lavender, and two, I'm not sure how Trace feels about horses.  The batik in the upper right corner in the photo above really, REALLY goes well with the "peacock" fab.  But it has horses on it.  ???  Let me know.  Dave likes it, but then, he's from Texas.

Here are some other ideas...

I'm still thinking.  Neither Dave nor I are sold on anything yet.

AND... I'm building a whole new bag.  Tote.  Sleeve.  Err... whatever.  I'll come up with the name later.  I've got the prototype just about finished.  The colors are WILD, but my point was just to try out my idea and see how it fits.  If everything is good to go, I can work up more exciting color combos later.  Intrigued?  Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!


  1. VERY intrigued! Can't wait to see what the decision is on Trace's bag :)

  2. Up your sleeve?

    Does this mean an ozwald out of your hat?

    Furry nice kholours but woo knew I'd say that!


  3. I dunno either... I'll talk to you about it :)

  4. Intrigued indeed. I love all the fabric combos so I am no help at all.

    LOL at what Khyra said.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  5. My Mom says, when in doubt with bright colors, toss in a black and white print.



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