Monday, April 13, 2009

Gerri's Z Bag!

I put the finishing touches on Gerri's Z Bag yesterday and finally had enough of a break in the rain to take it outside for a shoot.  This kind of light is actually great at showcasing color; I may have to take that pink peacock fab outside for a reshoot!

Gerri... I almost hope you hate this - just because it's calling me.  :)  Here it is!

And the back:

The straps are three different fabs:  the main fabric for the outside, and the two different lining fabs for the inside.  Can you see them here?

I put a "tab" up at the top - folding the strap in half, width-wise.  I think it helps it sit on the shoulder better!

Yes, OK.  It also adds another splash of color.  Like this bag is hurting for color....

I showed you the Hold the Phone! Bag a few posts ago.  Here's a bit of a close up:

Can you see the vertical lines of hearts?  Had to do it!!!  (Gerri is the owner/operator/baker behind Happy Hearts Dog Cookies.  Even my pups will cooperate for Happy Hearts -- that's how good they are!)  And the heart glass beads and pewter bead.

Here's a look inside the HTP! Bag:

Yes, the two lining fabs in there, too!  I have VERY little left of those fabs!  ;)

Here's a look inside the Z Bag:

A little row of hearts along the top of a nice, roomy pocket!  Here's a broader look:

Yowzah!  Tell me that won't make your heart happy?  And to close that baby up...

...a nice, big, shiny black button.  Sewn on with tons of the same pink thread I quilted with.  (You can also get a fairly good look at my quilting there!)

Gerri, thank you for your order!  I hope the bag is everything you want it to be!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh Aunt Karen that bag look so cool! I really like that you personalize them so much! (the hearts are my favorite!) This bag is just great! So bright and fun! Love you!

  2. It is beaWOOtiful!

    A certain khanine pawsistant did his usual great job!

    PeeEssWoo: Are there any HH khrumbs anywhere?

  3. The fabrics are so awesome! Thanks for sharing them! You did a great job with the bag too.

  4. It looks great! Some of that fabric looks familiar to me :)

  5. Wooo!!!! It is beawootiful!

    MayaMarie's mom

  6. Beautiful - just love the way the big flowers splay across the center of the bag, nice placement.

  7. That is so colorful! I bet Gerri will look super stylin' with it while shopping for Happy Hearts ingredients.


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