Sunday, April 26, 2009


...the LapPack!  

I kept putting off posting until I could find the "right" name!  Many thanks to the Super Shopper for his brilliant idea!  :)  It's the new design I told you about a while back.

Designed to protect your laptop, the LapPack is stylish, rugged, and will fit on your lap.  I mean - is designed to fit your laptop!  It's named in honor of two of our favorite puppies, Steve and Kat!  Because they ARE lap dogs  :) and their mom is the one who requested this very cool bag!

It's a clutch style and has a cute big-button closure:

I did lots of fun quilting on this one.  There is a layer of cotton batting in there to help protect your laptop.  I designed Valerie's to fit her MacBook.  She sent me the dimensions and I used a couple books to gauge the size.  Here it is, open:

I don't have a MacBook, so I pretended with other Apple products.  LOL!  I think I could make one to fit any laptop.

Valerie graciously took pictures of her LapPack for me, with her MacBook inside!

Not too snug, not too loose!  Just what I was aiming for!  

Here's a profile shot:

And showing the laptop:

From Bags by KZK

Thanks for the great idea about doing a laptop bag, Valerie!  And thank you for reading!


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!! So... you ready for my order?????

  2. What a great idea and I love the bag you designed!

  3. So stylish! And good on the Super Shopper for the perfect name :)

  4. We knew the right name would come along, thanks to the Super Shopper for that. Now tell him that you need a laptop too.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  5. Furry khool and khlever as always...

    Tank woo fur sharing that!

    Of khourse, one of MY boyfuriends help inspire it!


  6. Cute!!! I may have to order one when I get a new laptop!

  7. oh yes, I lurve lurve lurve this design. How practical and yet so pretty!

    btw I had to laff, the word verification this time for my comment was actually "preti"..... ;oD

    J x

  8. It works great too! Protected my macbook all the way from Seattle to Missouri!

  9. Woo, that is really cool. That's a great idea.
    MayaMarie's mom


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