Saturday, May 21, 2011

Patty's Super Shopper, Part II

Yesterday, I showed you the in-progress pix of the Super Shopper I made for my long-time friend Patty. Today ... the finished bag!  Here it is, hanging in my Japanese Maple:

DSCN1336 Patty's Super Shopper

If this was going to someone other than Patty, there's a real strong chance it wouldn't have left my house.  Seriously.

DSCN1323 Patty's Super Shopper

The front has that BDU pocket on a pocket on a pocket.  I love that.

My wavy quilting echoes the shape of the matryoshka dolls, only sideways.  That was my thinking, anyway.  Here's a look at the back:

DSCN1322 Patty's Super Shopper

I thought that BDU pocket needed some kick, so I appliquéd a narrow (1/4"?) piece of one of the fabs across it.

Here's another look at the wavy quilting on the front.

DSCN1328 Patty's Super Shopper

Here's a detail shot of the top of the bag:

DSCN1325 Patty's Super Shopper

I like how the "fussy cut" matryoshka doll just takes charge.  I used another side-tab with button hole from the BDUs as a closure for the bag (like I did with an inside pocket) and tied a BDU button on with some cool orange and yellow and "other" embroidery thread.  I also popped the lining of the bag up about 3/8 of an inch and did two lines of top stitching.

Let's check out the top of the straps:

DSCN1327 Patty's Super Shopper

A bit of camo fabric on one; a small matryoshka doll on the other.  It's like the doll is the angel sitting on Patty's shoulder.

Here's the bottom right-hand corner:

DSCN1337 Patty's Super Shopper

And now, it's time to look inside!!!  Check out how everything came together:

DSCN1338 Patty's Super Shopper

In the line of pockets on one side, I tucked some little surprises for Patty.  How about a glasses case?

DSCN1342 Patty's Super Shopper

Maybe now you understand what I mean about the wavy quilting echoing the contours of the dolls!  And how about a key fob?

DSCN1343 Patty's Super Shopper

Yes, yes, I did mix gold and silver tones.  Hey, if I can mix all those crazy fabrics, why not mix those, too?!?!

The surprise bunnies are tucked into the big BDU cargo pocket:

DSCN1345 Patty's Super Shopper

Patty has now named the bunnies after her granddaughters and herself!  She is the bunny with her arms around the other bunnies, she told me.  I LOVE that kind of thing!!!

That side of the inside is complete with an American flag patch - because Patty is a patriot in a family full of patriots!!!

Last, but not least, here's how that inside pocket on a pocket came out:

DSCN1347 Patty's Super Shopper

I love everything about this bag - but most of all, I love the special friend for whom it was made.  Patty, I sincerely hope you (and the grandgirls!) have a ball carrying and exploring this bag.  It was a delight to make for you - and hey, I'm not sure I told you this ... but in that buttoned pocket in the last picture?  There are a billion smiles packed in there!  Enjoy!!!

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

I feel so special and loved! Thanks for my beautiful bag, Karen. Even more thanks for your wonderful friendship through the years. Love you, dear friend.

Cyber-sibes said...

A wonderful bag! Love love love the little bunnies!

BeadedTail said...

That bag is wonderful! It's so special you were able to make it for your dear friend too!

Bailey Be Good! said...

This bag is super cute! Don't know if you do this already, but you should make little pouches for doggies to carry. :)

Happy Sunday woofs & hugs,


Meghann LittleStudio said...

Looks gorgeous!! Great job :D