Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Miscellany

I did find the perfect quilting thread to use on the Wonky Stars quilt, as I mentioned yesterday. On line, of course. I went right to the source and made a few choices (the Guide Dog for the Color Blind isn't really good with on-line shopping) -- just to make sure I had the right one! While we waited for the thread to arrive...

IMG_5807 Dave
Dave, GDFTCB in action
... we dreamed of how we wanted to quilt it. Yeah, well. I did. Dave may well have been chasing his brother or eating beef brisket and watermelon in his dreams ... I'm not sure. I also started trying to do some "scrap busting" projects. I did this cute little basket:

IMG_5886 fabric basket

I used the same tutorial I used for the other ones, again changing around sizes of everything so I could use some of my fun scraps.  I love all the sewing theme fabs in there!!!  I think it needs to go to a cool quilting buddy, don't you?  OH!  And hey, lookie there, I did my squiggly thing again.

I'm also trying to get over my fear of zippers - so I grabbed some solids and came up with this zippy pouch:

IMG_5914 Zippy pouch

I'm getting better, but I'm by no means confident about the whole "zipper" thing.

While I was in the stash of solid strips, I did another fabric basket:

IMG_6035 fabric basket

I actually like how the inside looks better than the outside. Odd.

Remember the Fruit Stripe Gum quilt? I spent a couple days quilting it, then taking it all out - on the advice of Dave. He was really on to something - it looked bad. I mean BAD. (His version of the story here.) When he's right, he's right.

I eventually re-quilted the whole thing and got the machine part of the binding process done:

IMG_6144 Fruit Stripe Quilt

I'm slowly but surely finishing up the hand sewing.

Other than that ... I'm also working on a big stash-busting quilt.  Super scrappy.  Having much fun with it and will post about it very soon!

As always, thank you for reading!


  1. I love the pouch and basket! Dave is doing a great job helping with the perfect colors for all your projects!

  2. What beautiful projects! You are SO talented!


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