Sunday, February 12, 2012

(It Doesn't Have To Be A) Diaper Pouch

Hi everyone!  I've been keeping busy sewing a couple bindings on lately - not a very exciting part of the quilting process, unless you think of it in terms of almost being DONE!  :)  One project I did sneak in a little bit ago was a Diaper Pouch!

Remember the Sitia Marie tote I showed you at this link?  Shortly after I mailed it to my friend Laura, I saw a cute diaper pouch on Pinterest - complete with a great tutorial!

(Click on the photo to get to Pinterest, then click there to go to the tutorial!)  I wanted to give it a try ... but linen?  Just isn't a good fit with me, nor do I have any. I put the idea on the back burner, turned the heat down, and let it simmer a bit. THEN ... I got a package from my friend Laura! Included were a couple pairs of BDU pants her brother-in-law wore when he was in the Air Force. It hit me right away -- use a hunk of the BDU fabric instead of linen, paired up with some of the fabs left from making Laura's Sitia Marie tote! PERFECT!!!

Here it is:

DSCN2984 "Diaper Pouch"

Complete with coordinating lining:

DSCN2985 "Diaper Pouch"

I used polypro and Velcro to keep the pouch closed.  CUTE!

Laura has delivered a beautiful baby girl named Raven, and both bags are already in use!  (Insert major smile here!)

I will definitely make this again.  Not just for diapers - my Kindle Fire with cover and iPhone fit in here together.  I think this would make a great protective sleeve for any eReader, your iPad, etc.  The size might need a little tweaking to get it just right, but that's easy enough!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Very cute. I always love how you re-purpose the military clothing into your projects. Definately could use the bag design to carry lots of other things.


  2. You are so clever! Always with the great ideas.

  3. What a great little pouch! Very clever to use it for other things too!

  4. that's so cool, awesome way to re-use fabrics. :)


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