Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Golf Anyone?

So... yeah, I know.  Let's dispense with the "where have I been"s and just get right to the post, OK?  Let's go!

My husband is an avid golfer and has a great collection of golf hats from all over the place.  Oh, not a "sit them on a shelf" type of collection, he wears them.  And wears them hard.  I mean - he golfs when it's over 100 degrees out there, so yeah, they get kind of funky.  So I wash them, he wears them ... and I wash them, he wears them ... and before we know it, they really have out-lived their usefulness.  But some of the logos are just SO COOL - so what to do?  I thought long and hard on that for a while, then it hit me.  If I can cut logos out of t-shirts and make a really cool quilt, can't I do something with golf hat logos?  ...except that they're quite crunchy and hard and embroidered on thick, thick canvas ...

So how about a bag!?!?

I cut all the logos out, grabbed some heavy-duty canvas, and started playing around.

IMG_4991 Golf ball bag

Seriously, some are just way too cool to toss out.

I stitched them onto the canvas, grabbed a cute golf-themed cotton fab for a lining, and made a drawstring bag:

IMG_5006 Golf ball bag

Mike thought it would be great to hold "range balls". I'm not a golfer myself, so I only have a vague idea what that means, but that's OK!  I was just thrilled to have a purpose for the cute designs!  :)

IMG_5007 Golf ball bag detail

After I had the bag together, I thought it would be convenient to have a D-ring at the top, so Mike could hook it to his golf bag with a carabiner clip.  It would have been better had I come up with that idea an hour earlier than I did ... but it all worked out.

IMG_5010 Golf ball bag

I did some ripping, inserting, then re-stitching.  It was worth it - the D-ring is very handy.

IMG_5012 Golf ball bag
When I inserted the D-ring, I also inserted one of my KZK tags.  Upside down.
But if it's hooked to your golf bag, and you look down on it ... it's right-side up.  Right?

I used some cording and one of those cord-lock things from an old backpack.  I think it's a great touch - I think I need to buy some of those; I like them!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love it! Nice way to re-purpose those logos. I see you added a few Siberian themed logos too. I like to use those cord lock things on the knitters project bags. You can get them at Joann's (just 2 per pack) or in quantity online real cheap (if you think you could use 100 of them ;-).


  2. It's a kind of Huffle Duffel! Love it.

  3. I am a golfer and this is fabulous! What a great idea and you did a super job with it. Did your husband to go all of these tournaments or just buy the hats? If he went he's been to some terrific places.

  4. What a clever idea. Know it will be well used and loved. So...what about the hats>????

  5. That's a very clever idea for using those logos! It turned out fabulous! He's going to be the envy of the golf course!

  6. That is soo cute!! And it's a great size for a pup-pack, throw in some balls and toys and maybe a long leash and some treats and poop bags and you are all set for an adventure!! LOVE IT!



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