Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wrapping Up Christmas Gifts

Ha ha ha.  I crack myself up sometimes.  (Please see title of this post...)

OK... so where was I? I sent my sister a very cool table runner I had made.  I decided she needed a cool fabric basket to go with it, too. Years ago, when I lived in Korea, one of the other wives went to Thailand for Christmas (?) and brought home the CUTEST fabric baskets for the rest of us. They laid totally flat, but have ribbons at the corners to tie ... and when you do, it becomes a cool basket. I've used mine every year since for Christmas cards. I thought I could mentally dissect it and make one for my sister to go with her runner.

IMG_5522 fabric Thai basket

I call it a "Thai Basket". Ha! Get it? Thai - Tie?  I know ... I'm easily amused. It was so easy to mail, too. Very cool. Of course, the whole thing would have been MUCH easier if I had found this tutorial (look for Morning Call Table Toppers) BEFORE I made the one for my sister ... but hey! It was a good mental exercise figuring it out myself. Right?  Yeah...

So ... remember the Santa table runner I made a là Magic Nine-Patch?  I finished that before Christmas ...

DSCN2702 Magic Nine-Patch Santas

...and decided it should go to my Mom.  It almost stayed here.

I love how the quilting came out:

DSCN2727 Magic Nine-Patch Santas

I made sure to label everything - I've been getting way too slack about that lately!

DSCN2737 Magic Nine-Patch Santas

In the background, you can see another table runner I showed you a while ago.  Here - let me lay it out on the table for you ...

IMG_5482 Table Runner

Doesn't it look at home in my dining room? Oh... and see that tree in the background? That's our patriotic ornaments Christmas tree. Makes the table runner seem even more at home, doesn't it? I thought so, too.  So did the hubster.  So... um...  Merry Christmas to us!  Hey, why not, right?!?

Hope you find some inspiration in all of this!  Thanks for reading!


  1. I like them all. I need to try that meandering squiggly quilting you did on that table runner. Do you do it free motion or with the machine stitching straight with feed dogs up? I've seen you do that before and can't remember if you explained how you do it.



  2. Hee hee, you're funny! Everything is so beautiful! I really like that basket!


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