Saturday, December 24, 2011

Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Merry Christmas to all!  I know I've slacked off on posting again.  I've been busy finalizing Christmas gifts, etc. - so I hope you'll forgive me!  I've made a few really cool infinity scarves this year and thought I'd do a little "how to" tutorial for all of you!  They are so fun, easy and really spruce up an outfit -- and/or block the cold from coming down the neck of your parka!

It all started when I posted a pic of the flannel infinity scarf I made to FaceBook:

IMG_5270 Infinity Scarf

Warm, fuzzy and my favorite colors! That led to requests for everyone's favorite redhead to model it.

IMG_5273 Infinity Scarf

He's a pro. Seriously.

That started a "how do you..." and "I'd love one" and ... etc.!  I made a bunch more, then thought I'd put together a step-by-step so you can make your own. The following one is made from a quilt-weight cotton, but you could use cotton, flannel, fleece ... whatever!  I'm a visual learner, so there are tons of pix.

You'll need a yard of fabric.  Cut said fabric 30 x 36".  Fold that so that it's now 15 x 36" -- right sides together.  Like so:

IMG_5316 Infinity Scarf

Sew that long side, using 1/4" seam allowance, forming a long tube.  Iron your seam open and give everything a good pressing.  It should look like this:

IMG_5317 Infinity Scarf

Reach into one end of the tube, and bring that far end inside the tube, matching it to the other end.

IMG_5319 Infinity Scarf

You now have a folded tube with the right sides together.  Sort of.  Line up the seams --

IMG_5320 Infinity Scarf

Instead of pinning like that, twist that inner part of the tube that you grabbed a full 360 degrees!

IMG_5321 Infinity Scarf

It looks like a mess, but it'll be OK.  Match the seams back up and pin.

IMG_5322 Infinity Scarf

Get the two raw edges nicely lined up all around your tube and pin.

IMG_5323 Infinity Scarf

Pins are your friends.  Just don't sew over them.  Sew all along your opening, leaving a gap for turning.

IMG_5324Infinity Scarf

I like to mark the stop/start of my gap with double pinning, so I won't forget.  (And yes, I was sporting a band aide.  I scraped the daylights out of the back of my hand when I moved the stove to clean behind it.  Oops.)

Now... reach into that gap you left open and turn the scarf right side out!

IMG_5325Infinity Scarf

Because I love pins, pin the gap...

IMG_5328 Infinity Scarf

... then sew shut using a blind stitch.

Here's your scarf!

IMG_5329 Infinity Scarf

I made that one and a couple more for a friend.  You can see the others here and here.  The possibilities are endless - as is the scarf.  Ha ha, I crack myself up sometimes!

I also made a flannel one for my husband that is half as wide (cut 15 x 36") just to tuck into his parka to keep the chill out.  Nothing poofy or girlie about it at all.  Then my friend Shelli (AKA the Macon Bag-a-holic) asked if they could be made with two fabrics.  Great idea!  Why not!?!  Cut two coordinating fabrics 15 x 36", sew together ... etc.!  I made one for her and think it looks darling!

IMG_5509 Shelli's Infinity Scarf

I let my Siberian Husky stuffie model it instead of one of the boys - I like to send things out as Sibe-hair-free as possible - even though Shelli has two Sibes and a kit-cat who would have been happy to bury their noses in Zim and Dave's fur!

Here are Sitka and Shelli with the Infinity Scarf!


Beautiful!  (Both of them!)

Let me know if you have any questions on the tute!  Note:  Be careful if you use a directional print!  Make sure it will go the way you want it to!  Good luck and I hope you'll give it a try!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. That looks easy enough for me, that is, if I still owned a sewing machine.
    Love the pine cone fabric.
    Thanks for the tutorial. I'm going to send it to a friend who I'm sure will start whipping up infinity scarves left and right.

  2. Oh I love that scarf too! Your redhead model is very handsome! I understood the tutorial until the word "sew" and then my brain shut off! :)

  3. I LOVE my KZK eternity scarves, and the green one being made is mine :) LOVE IT!!!!!

  4. I don't get the twisting part. Which is why I just admire your sewing and don't even try it myself.

  5. I'm working on a patriotic trivia quilt for a charity auction. I had bought that Civil War flag fabric and thought I'd fussy cut some of those flags out and come up with really tough questions. Well, I had a devil of a time matching up the flags until I came across your blog! Thank you for all the research. Now I'll be able to include several of the flags. Your quilt is stunning. At this point I just want mine finished.


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