Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Laura's Sitia Marie Tote!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know.  It's been a while.  Miss me?  I have lots of projects to show you - I just need to find the time to do so!  Let's start today with a bag I made for a wonderful friend of mine - Laura!

Laura is probably one of the coolest people I know.  Seriously.  And now she's going to have her first baby!!!  She didn't have the perfect diaper bag lined up, so I asked her to pick one of my designs - and I'd turn it into the bag of her dreams.  Or something like that.  We opted to go for a black, white and red color scheme to coordinate with her stroller!  (I had help, of course.)  Let's get looking at pix!

Here's the front!

DSCN2623 Laura's Sitia Marie

Polypro handle, pieced outside, nice long pocket (the Eiffel Tower), and a big, black button.

I love the look of the bag in my bare tree. I have no idea why I didn't shoot the back of the bag that way, but I didn't. It's 20-something degrees out right now, so I'm not re-shooting. I did shoot it up against the house:

DSCN2613  Laura's Sitia Marie

There is another pocket on the back, as you can see. Shallower and easy to grab whatever's in there.

DSCN2611 Laura's Sitia Marie

I love these big, black buttons! I sewed it on with the same variegated black and white thread I used to quilt the bag. It's an Aurofil thread. Isn't it lovely?!?

DSCN2610 Laura's Sitia Marie

Detail shot of the front pocket and tag. Just because.

I thought Laura would need nice, deep pockets in her bag, and decided to pretend I knew how to make pleated ones to add depth:

IMG_5153 Laura's Sitia Marie

I think they work! Here they are in the finished bag:

DSCN2616 Laura's Sitia Marie

Oh... yeah. That one didn't have a cuff at the top initially, did it? Cute touch though, right? I mean ... it's not like I did that because the pocket came up too high and would have been sewn shut when I top-stitched the bag together.


OK, that's exactly why it has a cool cuff. Creative solution, don't you think? Oy.

I put more pockets on the other side of the bag, too:

DSCN2620 Laura's Sitia Marie

You can't have enough pockets, can you? Actually, that's a divided pocket with another pocket on top of it.

I also thought I'd throw a Huffle Duffle Bag in there -

DSCN2617 Laura's Sitia Marie

For a clean outfit for the baby? Or to house diapers, clean or otherwise? (The Huffle Duffle can be tossed in the wash - cold water wash, machine dry on low.)  Or ... for whatever Laura's heart desires!

Here's a peek inside:

DSCN2618 Laura's Sitia Marie

I have to say, I totally love working with black and white!!!

DSCN2619 Laura's Sitia Marie

And red. It needed that touch of red, didn't it?

Laura, your bag should be there any day now.  I hope you can feel the love that went into making it for you and your baby girl!

I'll post more projects soon!  Thanks for reading!


  1. I love making bags too and as far as I'm concerned a bag can never have too many pockets ;-)


  2. Love it, and of course I love the Huffle Duffel :) The eiffel tower print is just lovely.

  3. I love that bag! The colors are exactly what I like! Great job picking them out Dave!

  4. Now that's really beautiful!!
    Mom's starting her new project too! :)

    Maxx and mommy


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