Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chrissie's Deeve Bag

The question is... did Chrissie's Deeve Bag get to her before she left for Dubai?  I hope so.  I was holding off posting the pix so she could be surprised.  My sister got hers (the Sunflower Super Shopper) before Chrissie was due to leave and since it had further to travel... 

OK.  So.  You've seen several "in progress" shots of Chrissie's bag, now here it is!  In the Studio...

...and out in the natural light:

This was SUCH a fun bag to make!  It was cheerful and I just loved making it!  I did a bit of a different treatment for the button/claspy thing.  (Pardon the technical terms.)  Here's a closer look:

Isn't it fun?  And how perfect is the thread that we chose?!!?  I think it ties everything together and "zips" that brown up!  (You might not be able to tell, but the brown has little black freckles in it... it's a darling fabric!)

I wasn't going to hang any glass beads on it, because Chrissie does beadwork... and I thought, "Yikes, what will she think of my primitive work?" then I thought some people think that about making a quilt for me and I always LOVE anything anyone makes... so why not go for it!  Besides, I know how much Angus Mhor likes to whap beads with those lovely, extra-toed paws of his.  I had to do something for Angus as well as Chrissie!  :)  Here's a look at the very whappable beadwork:

I think he'll have fun with that.

Here's a look inside the bag:

I used the same fab I used for the placket and for the Hold the Phone! Bag.  There are two large pockets from the main fabric, to hold your keys and all those "little things" that end up at the bottom of your bag that you can never find.  :)

Here's another look:

You can see the stitching I did on the strap for the Deeve - that's a dark purple polypro.  I have the polypro on the Deeve I carry and LOVE it.  The stitching on the strap for the Hold the Phone! Bag is visible, too - a little extra swaying around... mostly because I love that THREAD!

Chrissie, have a safe, wonderful time in Dubai with "The Sandy Man"!  I hope your bag is with you.  :)  Thanks for your order!

And thank you for reading!


  1. Another KZK winner!!! The colors are beautiful and the thread is perfect. And freckles - very appropriate given the trademark of one of the AO4:-) We know Chrissie will love it.

  2. Dave SOOOOO nailed the kholours again!

    I hope Angus's mom got to take it DooooBye!

    Great work KZK Khreations!


  3. That bag is wonderful! I love the colors both inside and out! And it's purrfect that you added a touch for Angus!

  4. Very very very nice - I think Angus will love it! Chrissy of course will love it.


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