Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sunflower Super Shopper

I'm so far behind with blogging about what I've been up to quilt-wise, it's enough to make my head spin.  Let me get right to it!  Here is a Sunflower-themed Super Shopper I recently finished!  Let's start with the front:

...and the back:
How to tell the front from the back?  Can you see the tag sticking up there by the strap on the right in the first picture?  Yes, the tag I normally put in the seam.  Oops.  Well, call it creative.  It's the front.

Here's a detail shot of the pocket on the front:

I love these fabs!  Sunflowers, watering cans, seed packets, ETC.  Enough to make a gardener happy.  :)  Here's the pocket on the "back":

Cute placement for the potted sunflowers, doncha think?  I had fun with that.

Here's a look at the top:

I popped the lining up about 1/8 of an inch for accent.  Speaking of the lining, let's take a look inside!

There is another roomy pocket in there, as you can see!

I hope to have this and Chrissie's Deeve Bag in the mail within the next couple of days!  Look for a post showing the completed Deeve soon!

Thanks for reading!


  1. oh this bag is fandabidozi! totally.

    we been waiting for your updates........

    no pressure ;)))))))))))))

    although we would be okay blogging if it wasn't for the awards and the tags........nice as they are, and well meaning too.

    but hey, sometimes life is too short!!!!!!
    the bag is lovely!

  2. Oh um, you know how I was thinking about getting another bag? One like this could be it!

  3. Hmmmmm...so which bag is Zim going along with?

    Furry nice...as usual!


  4. And just what do woo do in your free time? Great bag, great presentation!!!

  5. What a great bag! Love the colors and the different prints - and of course the sunflowers! Lovely!

  6. What a colorful, springlike bag. Mom said she's on a quest for spring and needed to see something cheery like this.


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