Thursday, October 11, 2018

Heavy Duty!

Hi everybody!  I'm glad the Zippy Pouch Tutorial seems to make sense.  Once I got over my fear of zippers, I really couldn't understand what my hangup had been.  Oh, don't get me wrong -- I still fear the zipper FOOT, just not the zipper.  I've broken too many needles by not remembering to move my needle position to not have a healthy respect for that baby.

Anyway, the beauty of the Zippy Pouch is, as I said, it can be any size, any fabrics, whatever you want!  My friend Cindy commented that she likes to do use batting and do some machine embroidery on her zippy bags.  What a great idea!

I mentioned that you can baste the zipper in place before you do all the layering - and that I had done so recently on a heavy denim bag.  It really was helpful, as I was dealing with thick layers and pins weren't really working.  This is the bag I was working on:


Denim patchwork. Nothing like thick seams to go through. BUT ... I followed the same formula - just made sure the zipper is 1" shorter than what will be the top of the bag!  I did increase the size of the square I cut at the bottom to make my boxed corners - I think 3" on a 16 inch panel?  Something like that.


I had that cute "double zip" in my stash. I think it had been on a backpack. Something. I'm not sure. It works as a great zipper for this project. I needed a bigger purse - one that could hold all my stuff PLUS my Kindle and other "in case there's a long wait" kinds of things.

On the inside, I lined it with brushed denim from a discarded jumper and took some pockets off a pair of trousers my hubby had pitched.


Maybe they were golf shorts. I can't remember. Anyway - nice pockets, with Velcro fasteners. I lined one and sewed along 3 sides, so it was double pocket:


I had not put a zipper on anything this large (or bulky) before - and I'm really pleased with how it came out!  Please don't be afraid to give this a try!

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is fabulous! When you start selling stuff, let me know because I'll start buying stuff! :)

  2. Love your denim bag and the interior pockets are so clever! You do beautiful work, Miss Karen!

  3. Momma is drooling over that bag! She says she wants three!

  4. I love your denim bag and the way you recycle everything. On the Pfaff machines I'm lucky because the zipper foot installs off to one side or the other so you never have to worry about hitting the foot with the needle.


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