Thursday, October 18, 2018

Wonky Sunflower Table Runner

Just a quick update - I actually finished the Wonky Sunflower Table Runner!  Yay!

When I last showed it to you, I was hand-stitching the binding on:

Rounding third and heading for home!!!

It had been forever since I'd done that much hand work and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I find binding work to be so relaxing and one of my favorite parts of quilting. Quite possibly because it means you're almost done!


I had lots of help! Here is a shot of my cheering section, in action:


Couldn't have done it without them. (And the fact that I couldn't go anywhere else due to the remodeling.)

Here are a couple detail shots:


I'm glad I didn't rip out the quilting I had done; it really grew on me.  And I think the variegated thread adds depth.

I had mentioned I did the binding using scraps of both the green from the border and the "petals" fab.


I almost always use more than one fab in my binding.  It's "me".

Next up ... I challenged myself.  This is a good one.  I challenged myself to make a king-sized fray-edged denim quilt for our bed (the bed is queen-sized, but I like a lot of over-hang) and get it done BEFORE the remodelers finish.  Ha ha ha.  They started in July; I started about the second week in October.  Knowing how long it takes me to finish anything, especially large quilts, it's a funny challenge.  Especially since they should have been done in August, or by Labor Day at the max.  Place your bets.  I'll keep you posted.

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