Thursday, August 30, 2018

Let's Get This Party Started!

Five years.  To.  The.  Day.  Rather than talk about why I haven't been blogging on this blog, what I've been doing, blah, blah, and blah, let's just celebrate that even though I hadn't been quilting or sewing lately, I am now.  I've done some bags, leashes and collars for my girls, just small things and very sporadically.  Recently, I've been trying to get serious again, heading into the Studio a few days a week, even if it's just for an hour.  It feels great.  I thought if I started this blog back up, it might help keep me going.

Here are my little projects from the past month or so ... I'm starting with small things!

I made a little purse for myself:

Khaki Bag

It's from a worn out pair of Mike's pants.  I like it, but it's significantly narrower than the last bag I did like this.  I think I must have used the thigh area of the pants before and the calf area this time.  Oops.

The main issue was that all the zippy bags I kept in the old bag no longer fit (they were too wide), so I needed to make new, narrower ones - you know, we all need bags for various purse stuff, right?  That brought this about:

Zippy bag!

Remember all the fusing plastic I did before?  Yes.  I'm doing that again.  Why not?  It looks cool, is sturdy, and the whole "recycle" thing.  That being said, plastic bags do not go to waste in this house!

My girls were remarkably helpful:

Maggie (Polargold's Margaret Thatcher) and Cam (D'Azul's Girl From Ipanema)
They are such a joy to me!

I have a large, open space in the outer part of the Studio, which gives them lots of room to play together.  I love having them down there with me!

The zippy bags got me going again, so ...

More fused bags for "fabric"

It's rather addictive.  And actually fun to work with.  Here's one of the boxes.  Or bags.  Or buckets.  Or whatever.


I love seeing the writing and logos come through!

These two were in-progress at the time of the photo:

How fun is the Chick-Fil-A one?!?

Cam doesn't always come down, but Mags loves to hang out with me at least for a while.

My Maggie

The finished "carry out" bags are on the sewing table behind Mags.  We're in the midst of a major master bathroom remodel and those bags/buckets/boxes are going to be perfect organizer thingies in the new vanity.

I have played with fabric scraps a bit, too.  Here's a little snap bag:


It didn't come out perfect, as I was trying to use some metal bars I purchased about 125 years ago instead of cutting up a measuring tape like the tutorial called for.  They weren't quite the right size, so I adjusted.  I also decided I needed to quilt the bag even though she didn't in the tute.  I think the quilting and top stitching might be my favorite parts.

I also decided Mike needed a new glasses case, so I cranked this out:


Not fancy, but it'll do the job.

My last zippy bag for today's post:


The fabs were leftover from a project I did quite a while ago.  I'm very happy I'm making use of existing fabs, zips, and batting, am making practical things (like the box/bucket/bags), and am getting back into the habit of being in the Studio!  It feels awesome!  It won't be long before I have my sea legs and will be on to larger projects!!!

Thanks for reading.  I won't wait 5 years to blog again.  Hahahahahahaha!!!


  1. I LOVE that last bag so much. All your work is amazing. I still have the bags you made for me years ago. In fact, every day I use the laptop bag to tote my laptop and iPad back and forth to the grands' house. Still in great shape, still marked with its KZK tag.

  2. I love all your bags. I've gotten back to doing some quilting after not doing any for a few years. My mom and I are taking classes on using quilt rulers. I'm not sure why they call them rulers because you don't measure anything but you use them to guide your quilt work to make straighter lines and perfect shapes. See:

    It's been a fun thing for my mom and I to do together as the whole series is about 6 -7 months.


  3. I'm so glad you are doing your bags again! I think you are so very creative and you make me start thinking creatively! I love the khaki bag, absolutely fantastic.
    Love your wonderful Cam & Mags, you bring them right to me in your blog!

    Take care,
    Lucy (Troy, Ohio)

  4. Love all these bags! You should sell them because I know somemommmy who'd buy them! :)

  5. Wooooohoooo this is gonna be such fun to check to see what is in the bag down in the Studio.

    I have it book marked. I especially love that last zippy bag. I am into geometric designs and bright colors.
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. The little zip bags are SO pretty. Mom got a "D" in "Snaps" in junior high so I don't think she's going to try the sewing thing. But her Mom and Stepmom were really talented at it.

    Abby Lab

  7. The Chick-fil-A bag made Momma laugh and laugh. We love it!


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